Just admit it: You don't police cheating, or even care

We see the bots. We see the gold farmers. You can try to tell us how many octodecillion accounts you ban on a daily basis. We’re not buying it.

Anyone can do a /who on zones like dire maul or stratholme and tell exactly what’s going on. You can’t tell me that the hundreds of arcane crystals on auction houses under 25g apiece are being farmed legitimately by Dsfjqnfdf the unguilded hunter who is in Dire Maul at all hours around the clock.

We aren’t stupid. We can see what’s going on. You either don’t have the staff to police these issues or you just flat out don’t care. Don’t have “community managers” come to this forum with prepared snide comments trying to tell us that you’re fixing the game. Fire them and hire real staff who actually do something to combat the issue. The game’s economy is absolutely smashed and the complete lack of effort that we see right now tells us that classic TBC/etc aren’t going to be any better.

Unless you’re willing to do the bare minimum to keep these bots and teleport farmers in check, you might as well sell the gold yourself on battlenet and make some extra money in the process. It’s not like the people who buy it care who sells it.


100% agree… The “1000’s of bots banned daily” in a recent blue post is a global number. Meaning we have no idea how many were banned on NA servers or other regions. I wish there was more transparency.


Hey you’re not supposed to name and shame! There’s probably an unguilded hunter somewhere with that name!


It’s like…things trend on this forum. Like there are fashionable topics, or something.

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Sure feels like nothing is being done. I run a circuit in a zone for materials and item drops, and it’s been the same 8~ bots in the zone for a week straight at the same hours. They move in the same patterns and don’t touch any profession resources. You can even mess with the hunters (which is most of them) through their pets and leashing.

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Shimmering flats on my server has 8 bots right now fighting over same mobs.

Good thing is though i can wait for them to start casting then TAG the mob and they kill it for me

You had me till the end, then you lost any kind of point you might have had by asking for tokens.


The low levels don’t need to be fired. It’s the high levels that need to be kicked out the window on their golden parachutes.

Activision :clap: Loves :clap: Money :clap:

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They didn’t want Classic. They even tried to convince us that WE didn’t want it, so they didn’t have to make it. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that they are allocating as little resources as possible to it, which is why we have this wild wild west game of cripples, bastards, and broken things.

Btw, it’s still a far better game than retail.

And no, legitimizing pay-to-win is not the answer. I’d rather have the bots than tokens.


Im sure i seen Dsfjqnfdf and co dead on lotus nodes.

I got feared behind the ZG portal the other day before a ZG run.

The amount of bots that have mechanically programmed paths is ridiculous. You can get back there and see 4 or 5 mages standing in 1 spot at any one time, every few minutes they do a 180 into a 90 degree turn into a 90 degree turn to try and zone in to the portal. If it failes they 180 into a 90 degree turn into a 90 degree turn and stand there until it’s time to try again.

If you kill them they will spirit res and teleport back to behind the portal.

I’ve even seen fly hackers jumping ‘down’ from the sky to behind the portal.

The policing of this game is a total joke.


This is what everyone is forgetting.

And at least these “bots” keep cash legit currency instead of “blizzard bucks”.

The game is still $15 a month because we keep paying it.

Nothing gets fixed because we keep playing it.

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If ‘we’ stopped paying $15 to play Classic, there is absolutely no reason for Blizzard to do anything to ‘fix’ it. We’d just get a smarmy “SEE!! YOU THOUGHT YOU DID, BUT YOU DIDNT!!” statement from some mouthpiece who had no role in creating the original WoW, but is somehow making six-figures to manage the decline (Retail).


Yep, this would happen. I remember a forum moderator banned me about 10 months for suggesting Blizzard was gaming it’s playerbase with their server hoping policies which was primarily caused by them offering free transfers before and after the release of P2. Apparently having a different opinion is now trolling or otherwise grounds for punishment.

And guess what happened? Entire guilds paid for mass server transfers during their exodus off realms like Skeram for example.

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Cheating, exploiting and/or cheesing is the new normal for online gaming. The sad state of the game is mostly the fault of the modern “community” mentality.

I care but I don’t police cheating myself, no. You should report anyway, though.

They were very quick to include the disclaimer “globally”. Basically: including parts of the world where they actually enforce it because it cuts into token sales.

so disapointing and it’s killed the game for me most of my classic friends have quit at this point and well players like us if we are quiting you got a real problem…do they just have no clue on how to handle things at bliz nowadays? :roll_of_toilet_paper: