Just a quick question


Not here to complain, not here to start whining that i didn’t get invited to beta yet (even though i’ve played since vanilla ex dee) but does anyone else notice that blizzard isn’t blue posting ANYTHING, you know, besides their $100 CE… i mean, i’m getting a HUGE activision vibe here haha.


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Christ, theres 2 blue posters for the NA forums (kaivax and bornakk), you cant expect them to play Q&A with you when the answer is probably just going to be “play in the stress test next week”

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Nah, needing an active sub did for sure though. Peoples argument was that they needed to make sure they invited people who were actively playing…okay that makes complete sense for the closed beta, I get its important, but for the stress test? You gotta be *****ing me. 100% a move for investors.

I’m really not that upset about it, I just wanted to a chance play for maybe a couple hours during a stress test since I don’t wanna put a bunch of effort into a toon I won’t get to keep and the release date is…further than I had hoped, but still not that far. Just calling shady practices what they are.

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What do they need to say, exactly?

(Mysfyre) #5

Vague stuff.
Too Soon.
Stuff that doesn’t really say stuff.
Funny stuff that falls short.
Merely a set back.
Stuff that makes no sense.
Stuff that contradicts other stuff.


Rumor is that if you had a day 1 activation on WoW launch day + an active sub today that you automatically got flagged. Thats what they are saying in chat in game. However theres no way to know if people are lying/trolling because you can only vouch for yourself /shrug

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What would you like them to say?

It hasn’t even been a full day since the beta was available.


I’m so glad I did not fall for the cash grab and resub yet. :sunglasses: