Just a few weeks 'til launch, no server names yet?

We’re cutting it kind of close, aren’t we? (If there is a list somewhere I’ve overlooked, my apologies…) :slight_smile:


Name reservation is August 12th, sure thats when the server names become available.


Agreed. We’re supposed to be picking servers and creating characters 9 days from now. Need to give guilds some time to organize. Unless they want players creating as many characters they can on as many realms as they can to be safe…

As far as early registration goes, that would be three (3) characters per account.

my only hope is the server i pick isnt the one big streamers pick, i have no quarrel with them playin the game :smiley: infact i enjoyed watching many play the beta.

but i really dont wanna be on the same server i can see the faction imbalance from a mile away, you get on a big streamer server and you arent their faction GL with pvp and having a decent community size to play with.
unless theres a plan for streamers of opposite factions to go to same servers but still. i dont wanna know when a streamer starts streaming because their chat migrated to the server lol


Meh. You have two fragging weeks after the reservations open up. It takes five minutes for a guild officer to look at a list of servers on the 12th, pick one that is in the right region for them, and send an email, discord, facebook group post, and whatever other means of communication the guild uses to instantly let everyone know which server to pick. It isn’t like you’re going to have any idea on population numbers, faction balance, or any of that stuff until the game actually goes live, anyways.

I mean, maybe if you were going to try and organize an RP-PVP guild, and there’s not an RP-PVP server, and you want to organize with other RP-PVPers to designate a RP-PVP server, but that’s a fraction of the playerbase, and we can just dump them on whatever the Moon Guard reskin is.

Patience, young padawan. I feel a disturbance in the force.

Server names were released 3 days before Vanilla Launch. So Friday would be 1 day early for Authentic.

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Launch isn’t till the end of the month so we aren’t really close at all yet. They are probably waiting for the next stress test to decide on how many realms.

Maybe I’m missing something here about server names. On August 13th when we are able to create 3 charactets per account are we going to be able to choose a server where said 3 characters are created or is something else going to happen that we will be able to create characters without picking a server?

Server names need to be available days in advance so that you can actually reserve names on the same server as your guild…


No servers names yet

We have stress test this week…My best guess is that they will use that stress test to better calculate the best route on servers…I would expect realm list will go up this upcomong weekend.

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Please. It takes zero time for a guild officer to look at a server list, pick one, and send that out to everyone. If you can’t do that in an hour, much less two weeks, then you have much bigger problems to deal with than worrying about if people are going to snap up ‘Legolas’, ‘Gimli’, or ‘Aragorn’, before you.

I didn’t start until November 05.

When Vanilla launched, did everyone have a month’s notice of what the realm names would be? Were people losing sleep and tearing their hair out because the notion of picking a server on the day of launch was really that unreasonable?

I doubt it. Looks like the gamers of the early 2000s grew up into drama queens.

That’s a good question… I guess we don’t need to know those details as long as we’re throwing them our money, hehe…

Looks like we’ll have time beforehand.