Jump Back into Action with the New Level 60 Character Boost

Meanwhile FFXIV class boosts are half that… PLUS they constantly go on sale for even less. GG Blizz.


True, but immediately after announcing a lackluster content patch? This after dropping a store mount after minor fluff patch?


Technically an initial boost to get you to the point like this would would cost you $50.

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If 9.2 is going to be the final patch they have to do it now :man_shrugging:

9.1.5 JUST revamped Threads of Fate system. LOL.


This wasn’t the time, man. It wasn’t the time. :frowning:


Yea, it’s super freaking quick now.

Why are people pointing out the price as if it’s brand new or an increase? Character boosts have always been $60 USD…


I’ve seen people asking for this, it’s literally just an update of the boost already in the game.


True but that is only if you need to do the story skip. Class skips on their own are $25 but combined with the story skip then yes it’s like $55. Still cheaper than $60!

In FFXIV you’d only need to pay that MSQ skip once however and never have to worry about it again unless you make an alt. There is no reason to make an alt on that game because you can be every class on that one char. Here… you’d have to pay a flat $60 for every single char/class whereas in FFXIV if you were to MSQ skip, it’d be like $55 then $25 for each other class after that.


What does the boost include, exactly? If I were to get this for my friend, would they have to go through the leveling questlines to unlock covenants or would these be skipped? Will they be ready for torghast, etc.? And what item level will they have?


It’ll likely just skip all that and give you basic gear.

When is the bulk character transfer coming? Soon™ isn’t cutting it these days.


It’s hard to compare the 25 dollar version though as the two games handle alt classes/jobs different.

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KEKW nuff said.

Regardless, even if you were to purchase the full boost on the other game, it’s still cheaper.


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Whats your ilvl? Where in the story do you start? Whats your renown?


Not by much.

And really, the boost isn’t even needed in WoW anymore, leveling is so quick.

It was always 60 bucks.

Why advertise it like it’s something new?

edit : Oh yeah, it used to boost to lvl 50, not 60.

Still way too expensive tho.

Its $1 per level for something that takes a day played time to hit level cap in.
In TBC its $0.60 per level for saving 5-8 days played time.
Its kinda obvious they dont understand “Time is Money Friend” anymore either.

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