July 4th <Fashion Police Dept> Transmog Event! [H] (Tichondrius) MURLOC MAYHEM MASQUERADE!


Murloc Mayhem Masquerade!

The Fashion Police Dept STRONGLY recommends that you join the “Fashion Police Dept” community to keep abreast of all upcoming events, have access to shard mog cops for event toon-imports, participate in friendly mog chat, mog shares and critiques and all sorts of nonsense!

What It Is!

The “Murloc Mayhem Masquerade” is yet another Fashion Police Department mog extravaganza! The object of this particular event challenge is to create a mog that compliments your equipped companion pet murloc, to perfection. That’s right folks…get a murloc, and match your custom mog (no more than 3 pieces from any 1 particular gearset) to gucci extremes. (For example, say you have a yellow colored murloc. Make a nice yellow and green complimenting mog to make the two of you stand out in a crowd–for extra points, have a matching mount too!) Also, pay attention in trade chat, throughout the day, for announcements that the FPD mog patrol is in any particular area. (Sometimes, the FPD is located in a major city, other times during these types of events, the mog cops patrol the Gallywix Pleasure Palace or Darkmoon Faire areas.) FPD LOCATIONS WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN TRADE CHAT THROUGHOUT THE DAY!

If a mog patrol sees you looking murlociscious and mognificent, you WILL be stopped and given a 'sight’ation (usual procedures) EXCEPT, during an event, all ‘sight’ation awards are doubled or in some cases tripled! Additionally, make note; all winners’ “thank you notes” (in-game mail sent in response to 'sight’ations) will be kept and placed into a “cyber hat” where with the roll of dice, one will win the “Grand Prize” which can be a mount or gold (winner’s choice). So, once again, “please” and “thank you” prove that good, fashionable courtesy can pay off!

Good luck! And remember, while we all spend hours trying to beautify ourselves, all a murloc has to do is stand naked.