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A horde player on Arugal tried arguing that the server was 55-45. He then got angry when people tried pointing out how he was likely wrong.

Note: this was in Tanaris… where there are usually 10-15 horde players in town to 2-3 level 40+ Alliance players being farmed at the FP. Good times, may the Christmas season bring us many more memorable moments full of laughter and jokes.


PVP on unbalanced realms.

(am I doing this right?)


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(Somalion) #4

Joke of the day : Anyone thinking that taking a small slice ( 1/60th of the levels) and using that to show faction imbalance is accurate.


If you walk into Orgrimmar, you will have evidence that you are in fact the only alliance player on your server. Now that’s crazy!


Joke of the day:
What do Tauren raiders love to read?


Joke of the day:
Forum posters and their outrage addiction.