Joke Cloth Warlock nerf

In 488 gear, here is the bug armor change for warlocks:
the armor change to warlocks… 19.32% before arena… 19.86% physical reduction after

blizzard listened to all the OP zug zug fotm players/melee cleave meta abusers and now warlock just insta dies smh


sounds like a buff to me


What’s the problem here?



he means bugged brain sadly

The armor changes were really inconsequential, even if demon armor was left untouched

It’s the stam and fear changes that are going to shake the room


Even the fear buff was a joke… the total damage to now break is 2% more, or roughly 3500 health or damage… wow, why did they even do anything?

The threshold was increased by 100%.

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Stop crying.

Warlock was fine before patch. Even more now.

Id say its even better since splay got buffed.

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What makes you think you even needed buffs to begin with? Just be thankful the 10% stam buff is large for you as well as fear buff.


Man, the trolls are out in force today…

thread has been mainly orcs and elves what do u mean


yes you are

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My bad, guess Locks will only finally be balanced when the top 3 spots go to destro/aff/demo

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As per you, Fear buff: Explain how incidental damage, a whopping 3500 points, is a buff… there is zero change. If you want to say 3500 more damage is a buff before a break then okay… if you want to say that 1/2 of a percent of physical damage protection is a buff, yer right… it was a technical buff… Its not crying but what is crying is this: Damage increase to Hunter 4% (welp, there goes that .05 % and autoshot still rips down the fear) maybe paladin with 20% damage increases… but i get it… META Change… not for the 80% pvp population, probably just affects glads and rivals

please share your math with the class

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undead warlock with goodwill clearance aisle transmog complaining about warlock being weak

how is this bait being taken

I’m not looking for any changes but i am simply protesting that it is not a buff so Supatease and Venarki and skill capped need to shut it… the only people these 1% changes affect are end game tournament players, not the people like me who are bad and require a bowling handicap

You’re insane if you expect me to spend precious seconds of my life deciphering that wall of rage text