Join Delusions of Grandeur 8/10M, Two Night Raid Guild!

Realm: [H] US-Zul’Jin
Guild Name: Delusions of Grandeur (DoG)
Realm Time-zone: EST

Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday – 9pm-1215am Server Standard Time
Raid style: Hardcore on a casual schedule. What does that mean? We clear cutting edge content on short raid schedule. Showing up raid-ready, at the instance, and ready to kill bosses makes the time we have go smoothly. We take minimal breaks during the raid. Currently We are focused on Mythic Raiding and we still may kill the last two bosses on heroic

Openings: All classes and specs are welcome, but we are currently in need of:
-Fire Mage
-Affliction Lock

About Us:
Fore score and Warlords of Draenor ago, Delusions of Grandeur killed Archimonde for its first Cutting Edge achievement as a group. Although some of DoG’s core have been pushing content since the Throne of Thunder days, HFC is where the guild made its splash as top guild on US-Runetotem.
Cutting Edge Achievements:
· Archimonde (Hellfire Citadel)
· Gul’dan (The Nighthold)
· Argus the Unmaker (Antorus)
Every season, we host a Rated Battleground group on Friday nights that is normally centered around winning and having a few cocktails/beers (if that is your thing). Our best season was BFA Season 1 when we reached the 2100 bracket.

What about the pluses? (Mythic Plus). Our core group has been pushing the M+ brackets since Legion (5k+ Raider IO Scores) with our most recent team reaching the 4500+ score this past BFA season. We fully intend on pushing high keys and are always looking for more to join our M+ ranks.

Discord Community and In-Game Activities:
Our Discord is used for all guild activities as well as a source of information with many of WoW’s community pages. We have bots set up for WoWheadNews and Raidbot sims. If you like spinning on the 1s and 2s, we also have a DJ set up for you to listen to with your group.
Raid Strategy, absence postings and plenty of memes are also located all across our Discord Community.

If it sounds like your interests align with DoG, please feel free to let our Talent Manager, Ripabrewski, know! He can be contacted on Discord at Ripabrewski#8526 or you can contact Kelsar on discord at Kelsar#8406 or BNET Tag Kelsar#1383

Updated post to 2/10 Mythic CN

Updated Recruitment - Looking for Holy Paladin! 4/10 Mythic CN!

Holy Paladin and Warlock! 5/10M CN

Looking for a Holy Paladin and Aff Lock!

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Inerva to 14%! Looking for Warlocks/Holy Pallys/Fire Mage

Also looking for a talented melee DPS with a viable tank offspec

Updated Recruitment Needs! Inerva dies tonight!

Invera dead, 6/10M. Looking for a fire mage!

6/10M - Council should die this week! Looking for Fire Mage and a Balance Druid!

Council is dead, Sludge to 3%! Lookin for a pumpin Fire Mage and unstoppable healers!

Sludge DEAD! 8/10M Looking for a BOMB (get it!) Fire Mage, healers, and Affliction Lock!

What healer class are you looking for

3% one Stone Legion! Come get CE with us! Looking for Aff Locks and Healers.