Jewelcrafting: Illustrious Jewelcrafter's Token (Cataclysm Collecting)

I’ve played off and on for a long time and slowly knocked out a reasonable chunk of the 3 Cataclysm recipe venders,
Farah Facet - 53%
Isabel Jones - 28%
Terrance Denman - 28%
but frankly this grind still seems a little extreme considering all the re-scaling they have done to gems with item/stat squishing making them completely obsolete. I think it’s a good time to finally reduce the grind a bit. I doubt very FEW people would care or notice aside from those that actually did over a year of one single NPC’s daily. Not to diminish their accomplishment but it’s quite dated now. I would simply be okay with them just reducing the grind a bit at this point to make it more reasonable to attain the recipes for collectors in less than an entire year to do so.

My suggestions are:

  1. adding more sources for the token itself (ie. possibly trading in Cataclysm gems/materials or other currencies *such as Dragon Soul items like Mote of Darkness or Essence of Corrupted Deathwing which yield gems)
  2. cutting the cost of all the recipes on the venders themselves by half at the very least or ideally down to 1 token each
  3. making all of the recipes cost gold instead (this is my least favorite option as I think retaining the daily or a way to earn them would be the best option but I’m not against just buying them all to complete my collection as it has been done with other currency venders in the game)

We now need 545 tokens(days) for all the purchasable Cata JC patterns with the accessibility of only 1 single daily to achieve this. As a collector for how dated the content is seems a little extreme to take more than a year without missing a day of course.


Can someone post this on the Shadowlands alpha forum?
If they’re going to be bringing any changes to this, might as well be now.