January 6 class changes

they were so broken it was sad

Yeah I mean buffing Rapid Fire damage by 33% yields the same total damage in the 1 minute window but transfers it from burst to sustain which is what everyone keeps saying is needed in PvP tuning.

Personally I’d like to see them swap Binding Shot and Explosive Trap positions so I could access a stun without a pet and not have to sacrifice Scatter. Bake the crit immunity of ROS into Fortitude of the Bear and make it targeted and I can ditch the pet all together.

Arms will be the top melee for sure, but there won’t be the outrage like there is towards dh. Sin and shadow are the strongest specs in PvP, yet no one mentions them. I have played dh for years, but since DF have received many personal attacks whispered just because of the class color in chat.

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I think they significantly lowered bleed damage and significantly buffed bite damage.

Convoke kitty returning?

You would actually rather play against doubletap marks than that, because you’ll have stuff ready for the big rapidfire. You won’t have something for every rapidfire, and pairing consistently bigger rapidfires with your shorter cooldown abilities like explosive shot more consistently is not going to be easier for you to beat. Within this hypothetical scenario of a buffed rapidfire that isn’t happening, of course.

Well yah but ask anyone Double Tap-Rapid Fire is the problem (wink wink).

give me more pve buffs. good pvp nerfs tho i dont like the nerf to focus will cause we cant kite melee

also i like how OP linked the absolute wrong notes ROFL

I don’t think DF convoke casts bite as much as SL convoke did. I could be wrong though.

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i mean ignore pain for big heal during parry wont be that big of a deal but still will might make arms go from b tier to a tier considering the nerfs of other specs

Here you go, they all got something here. Class Tuning Incoming – January 10

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Wait for tier :slight_smile:

The devs and the people in charge of these changes don’t even play or test this game in a PVP environment. This game is actually a complete joke.

No DH, Feral, WW, MM changes, and Fury getting buffed? IDK about this.


PvP tuning: I sleep
Mage Tower PTR: REAL SHT

These are not buffs. This is “shifting” power from other abilities.

In fact some of these changes are actually nerfs.

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these are ptr changes for 1, not changes coming soon.

2, the warrior buffs are for pve only.


  • Arms
    • Improved Sweeping Strikes now lasts 6 sec (was 5).
    • Improved Mortal Strike has been removed from the tree.
    • New Talent: Strength in Arms - Overpower has a 10% increased critical strike chance and on enemies below 35% health Overpower generates 8 Rage.
    • Fatal Mark duration increased to 120 sec (was 60 sec).
    • Storm of Swords causes Whirlwind to cost 20 more Rage (was 30).

fatal mark duration doesnt change anything in pvp

no one uses whirlwind in pvp

no one uses overpower while a player is under 35% (execute)

improved mortal strike being removed is a pvp burst nerf.

As for fury, these are underperforming talents on long CDs (onslaught, rest are pve changes), and fury damage is not crazy.

But i suspect not many will be playing fury after arms 10.0.5 changes, if they are good.

Do you even read these notes?

oh no! :frowning_face:

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