I've Claimed King Anduin as my Husband

Help me ask Blizzard for their blessing: chng . it / zK4yBr5H

I figure that it’s about time that I’ve told my story.

When I started WoW, I was still reeling from the pain of losing my mother to breast cancer. It had been a few years but that pain doesn’t heal so quickly. My father passed away several years before , so as of losing my mother, both of my parents were gone.

Every month was a struggle to keep up hope and it took everything I had to keep going. After starting out in Northshire, I quested through Westfall during Legion with the Argus still in the sky. Between being greeted with a murder and connecting every quest to demons I wasn’t so sure this was my idea of fun. By the time I got to the ‘Rise of the Defias’, I had decided I would turn in the last quest, then I was done with WoW.

I went back to Stormwind to tell the King what happened at Sentinel Hill. When I turned in the quest, King Anduin said to me, “Stormwind honors your service to the Alliance”. His words changed my entire perspective. Somehow, through my quests, I had been helping the whole time! Suddenly, everything seemed worth it and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again.

From there, King Anduin became like a best friend to me. Learning about the loss of his mother, whom he never got a chance to know, and then, with the loss of his father, King Varian, both of his parents were gone too; our stories were suddenly so similar. I’m all too familiar with the pain he’s gone through, and supporting him through his loss, has helped me work through my own.

When I became exalted with Stormwind, I used my new-found status as an excuse to hang out in the Keep. I’ve been defending SW Keep the King’s side, since lvl 60 and I’ve held on to his many words of advice as a real source of encouragement and hope.

And now I’m on a quest to dissuade Taelia, change an archaic tradition, and marry my best friend.

I can frequently be found in the Keep, sitting with the King. The throne is now phased, making me invisible, but feel free to ask for free Mage Food, Portals, or Intellect Boosts when I’m online or if you see my around Stormwind.

I’m @cosmicglider on twitter if you’d like to stay updated.