Ivar AOTC+ raid team of Valhalla

Howdy, I am Aig, one of the RL’s for the Ivar raid team of Valhalla. We are an aotc focused raid team, who have achieved it every tier since our beginning’s in s3 of SL. We are relaxed and like to have a lot of banter in between pulls/bosses, but we do require a minimum standard of performance so we can keep meeting our aims of AOTC each tier.

We raid Wed/Mon 8-10:30pm AEST (server time)

Currently just doing 1 night a week atm, H reclear

Recruitment desires last edited:- 3/01/23
Ivar is currently recruiting:-

1x Mage

Current prog:- 8/9H, getting back into the swing after the X-mas break lul

Look forward to raiding and m+ing with you all


Whay are you raid times?

8-10:30pm AEST

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Jump on board soon! This team will be killing it in 10.2!

Ivar is currently recruiting:-
1 healer preference on Holy paladin
Enhance Shammy
Other classes/specs for all will be considered, but we are full on DK’s, Hunters and Warlocks

Current prog:- 9/9H 1/9M, … 2/9M with us as apart of Baldr team

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Team Ivar are still looking! get on board now while there is still room! the closer to the next tier we get the more spots will disappear

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still looking for some great raiders to come join the team!

We are keenly looking for a holy paladin right now! If you are looking for a team jump into discord and Reach out to Aig or link your details here and we can get back to you ASAP!


Been playing prot pal this season just doing mplus. Just started rolling hpal and am looking for a guild to raid and do mplus with in 10.2. BNET is plankwalkah#1147 be keen to have a chat

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Bump for dps <3

Bump for Ranged Dps

Bump. Great bunch of raiders, get in quick for the new tier. Skol!

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Bump for s3, lets GOOOO!!!

Recruitment update for s3

Ivar is currently recruiting:-
1x ranged dps (not a lock)
1x ranged dps with healer OS
1x dps with tank OS

Recruitment update for s3

Ivar is currently recruiting:-
1x ranged dps with healer OS

Bumping for a mage