It's Virtually Impossible for Alliance to Win Korrak's Revenge

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are we really still explaining the game at this point?

the game isn’t won by the first towers burned.

it’s won by the LAST towers burned.


Horde has typically 6 healers, focus whatin that orgy exactly?


If you assign a single team of 5 to concentrate on recapping one bunker and then the rest all systematically go to ibtgy, ibt, etc heading progressively south you will win your fair share. Problem is alliance give up on av and just take a passive loss


Technically its won by killing Drek’thar. That is all that matters.

But you are correct, generally speaking, unless a group is heading in with two towers still up, what matters is who caps Dun Buldr North/South and Frostwolf East/West first.

Alliance are at a slight disadvantage off the bat, needing to cap both TP and IBT quickly in order to make up for the free bunker horde get. But between TP and FW GY Alliance get a straight away, with very little mobs compared to between IWB and SP GY. So that is a trade off for how hard it is to get into FW Garrison compared to Dun Buldr.

The more I think on it, the advantage horde get is very slight. Alliance just need to be able to coordinate capping more than one objective at a time and defending them. And its far easier for Alliance to take IBT, TP and FW GY at the same time than it is for Horde to take SHB and SH GY


At least your queue is 1-2 minutes long. Ours is 12+ !

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I see the Alliance playing as a team and taking advantage of the map plenty of times. I also see the Horde doing a blind zergrush, not defending towers and graveyards, and I slip in on my Rogue and undo their work at the last second, or me and another stealthy will distract them by capping Frostwolf Graveyard and WAY too many will go to defend and they’ll lose the ground they’ve gained. The Horde is not universally made up of better players than the Alliance.

Lok can be kept up by one of the twenty healers that the Horde tends to have barely breathing on him, something I witnessed myself on my Orc shaman. He auto-resets to the beginning of the bridge if you pull him too far from the Horde healers, and he has a snowballing power mechanic that makes him unstoppable once he’s one-shot a handful of the Alliance players that have attacked him and drawn aggro. I’ve seen him get taken down once or twice, but I’d heartily invite you to level an Alliance alt to see what the reality of trying to do so is like, and how it’s zero percent like fighting Ivus who wanders around for a bit and then teleports deep into the Horde base leaving all the Alliance support behind three chokepoints. I haven’t seen the horde even try for Ivus in some time, though, now that it’s a zergrace.

What advantages do you imagine that the Alliance has? I mean the bridge is nice, but it’s nothing compared to the three-bottleneck-switchback of the Horde base.

The only time I’ve see the Alliance prematurely start Drek was when the Horde had both towers down and the Stormpike Aid Station in conflict and it was a last ditch hail-Mary.

Surely it has nothing to do with the five billion hugely overpowered NPCs that surround Drek and eat their faces in like two hits!

I’m as frustrated as anyone with the people who rush right to Korrak, the minesweepers, the AFK nose-pickers and the people who quit but still stick around, but I didn’t notice any great genius on the Horde side when I was getting the mounts, and I haven’t noticed any especially pervasive dumbness on the part of the Alliance as I level my alts. There are people who lead, there are strategies, there are flat-out bizarre choices and moves that fail on both sides.

People like to believe when they win that it’s because they’re awesome and the other side was stupid, but I really haven’t seen much difference between the groups of players. The difference is in the battleground itself.


The OP commented on the map favoring the Horde. I was simply showing that for the longest time it favored Alliance. Alliance didn’t lose every other battleground due to a map advantaged. They lost cause they were out played.

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I have characters in both factions. I did most of my raiding on my Horde character in BfA. But must of my characters are Alliance and those are the ones I was getting to 120 in AV. If you look at the achievement points on this character you can see I play him a lot as well. :slight_smile:

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I think I lost one during my mount grind


I’ve been leveling mega alts in Korrak’s revenge and Alliance gets a victory about 3 to 4 times out of the 10 I play.

Sounds like a you issue to me.


How original. No one has ever used that insult before. /eyeroll


I think there’s a lot of people that just don’t get this. Getting into the last area for Alliance means you’ve bypassed the Tower Point bottleneck, which has a chunk of NPC’s that slow you down first. Then you have to go through a bottleneck at the gate past the Frostwolf Graveyard, and run into another fairly large mass of NPC’s. After you get through those, you have a bottleneck leading up into the horde base.

It’s also worth pointing out that Horde starts much closer to Dun Baldar than Alliance does to Frostwolf, too. Alliance is just passing Icewing Bunker by the time Horde is taking Stonehearth.

I’ve seen more than once on Alliance side where someone is ranting about just running past the NPC’s as if the Korrak’s Revenge version is the same as the level 120 version. They’re usually the same ones complaining there’s no heals, since they’re incapable of realizing that all their backline classes of casters and healers are sitting at a graveyard because they got stomped by drawing aggro of all the NPC’s that were bypassed by the front line the second one of their heals had a tic.

The only advantage that Alliance has over Horde is the bridge leading to Dun Baldar, but this isn’t the advantage it was in early vanilla; newer class abilities and dynamics make it much, much harder to hold that bridge than it used to be. It also takes people, which means that if you’re doing it it’s probably a turtle and there’s no offense. Playing Horde, we’ve used the bridge as an advantage to pull NPC’s and take them down easier.

There’s also the issue of defending the towers you cap, which is much easier on Horde than Alliance. The Alliance’s bunkers are faster to get into and out of, you don’t have LOS issues for heals, and you’re not trapped in a tiny room with any melee that show up if you’re defending with a caster like you are while trying to hold a Horde tower. All of those issues come up nearly every time a tower is capped when you’re playing Alliance and fighting the NPC guarding towers as well; they get out of LOS, heals become a pain, people move on and don’t realize others are still dying to the NPC’s there…which leads to the NPC getting bypassed, and then it goes back and kills the two or three defenders that stayed. This happens at Tower Point in most games that I’ve played and it’s infuriating.

Literally the only thing I have seen work for Alliance is a guerrilla tactic of back capping bunkers with stealth to slow down the Horde and break up their rush, with just enough people on defense to get them fighting at the bridge and not focusing on winning. If they play any defense on bunkers, if they just push through at the bridge and concentrate on taking and holding the DB bunkers, it’s over because it takes too long for Alliance to push through the NPC’s at Frostwolf otherwise.

Playing both sides it’s not even questionable. Korrak’s is easier on Horde. I’ve won on Alliance, so it’s not impossible, but it’s maybe a 20% win rate. The only losses on Horde I’ve had are when people charge to Van and then stop playing, standing there doing nothing while waiting for bunkers to cap (and losing them) that they refuse to help with.

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In all honesty Alliance would level faster in korraks if they just don’t participate, I been leveling Alliance Alts and I love when I get in a raid group and they all agree “ to let horde win”, it’s quicker for Alliance.

Edit: it’s sad we have that mentality, but dragging out a loss is worse.


I think it favored alliance back, during my level 60 WOTLK alterac twink days (TBC and WOTLK used to be 50 + 50$ each, so playing latest expac would be 100$ + 15$ a month). Quite a burden haha, There used to be a 600 base life cap later on, and mines would generate reinforcements while each tower capped reduced it -100 or so and -1 for each death. That could mean that 200-600 kills later, you could win the bg simply by attrition and turtle at the bridge to take out 50-100 horde ez. When they removed it though, it instead got stuck of Alliance perceptually stuck in a turtling situation, where no matter how many you kill, the horde just keep coming back 2 feet later and the 10 sec capping system + guards + rez chains basically making recovery impossible

We made do with AV twinking from Level 60 to dungeon gear, Grandmaster PVP gear and Anq’qirjal and MC guild with a guild of like 30 AV twinks lol and then random 70s and 80s that’d join us for the show / Thunderfury blacksmiths and Sulfuras lol.

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The Alliance surrendered…? huh huh… it’s celebrated.


So do you hold other strangers accountable for the perceived sins of those that frustrated you 15 years before that?


The reason is because the eliete NPCs are positioned in such a way that alliance cannot win. The BG is effectively rigged. A alliance win is 1/1,000.

I’ve done mercenary mode to play alliance and they have equally skilled players as the horde. They are doing nothing wrong.

Blizzard needs to delete this BG asap imo before it drags down the reputation they have of making a quality game. It’s boring on the horde too imo because we win 999/1,000 battles.


Ive noticed lots of alliance just wasting time in their own base. Im the first horde there as a stealth and always see people just sitting around. Some “guarding” the bunker flag the while time. Well that 5 mintues wasted sitting there doesnt help your team ill just start at the other bunker while they just take up space.


It all comes down to how many people are hiding on the bases roof whether alli have a chance or not. In alot of the ones i joined at least 1/3 of the team ran up there and hid.

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I guess all you need to do is be a healer for the Alliance to win.

I’m at 75% winrate, so Idk what yall talkin bout.