It's time to remove loot

Master loot is a problem: I don’t want to trade away my gear

Personal loot is a problem: people join the guild, take their loot and leave


SIMPLE: Remove all loot drops and replace them with a cutscene. The obvious choice is the one where Thrall takes down Deathwing.

Thank me later after Blizzard implements this. You’re welcome GD!


See, you had me up until this point.

Everybody knows that the obvious choice is the epic cutscene where you kill N’zoth with your neck’s memebeam.


The real problem is that people are now competing with each other instead of the baddies for some reason. I have a 475 trinket I can give to a PuGger? Awesome, that’s one more 475 trinket going against the forces of N’Zoth.

TRUE! One exception is if the group is LFR it must have 10 stacks of determination before the scene plays.

I’m so sorry to see the Gnomeregan radiation sickness has reached your brain. :cry:



The obvious solution is to make Master loot an option only available to mythic raiding where it needs at least 80%+ of the players in the same guild or something.

is it sunday? No it is not.

Make Crafting Great Again? I can get behind this.

No, no, no. It’s gotta be this one:

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I thought this was going to be a removal of looting mechanic thread. Why do I need to crouch down and pick up all the loot, why give me the option? I’m going to grab it all anyway. Just deposit all drops immediately into my inventory unless it’s full.

Taking away loot could work if there was some level of alternative progression where simply killing things upgraded the power of your character. although I would advise against it, a big attractor to this game is the RNG style loot as much as people complain about it. This gambling type mechanism rewards our brains and creates patterns allowing us to easily decide to remain playing long after we have stopped enjoying it. Combine it with the social aspect and its a huge part of WoWs initial success they been gliding on for years.