It's time to face it, I guess I'm not good at rogue

Been at this game since 04 and there’s only two classes I’ve never really played extensively, rogue and mage. After all these years I finally do have a max level mage (not really a fan, but at least I can play one now) but rogue… I’ve played a lot of them over the years but never got too far. This is my highest level one.

Even though I get the concept I feel like I’m doing it wrong. I don’t feel like I’m putting out enough damage and taking too much. Roll the Bones feels lackluster. Dispatch seems like it barely tickles the target. I keep looking at my spec and my talents and guides and I dunno. I guess I’m just not good at this class.

Maybe rogue is even more gear dependent that other classes? Maybe it gets better at max level? I guess I should try the other specs. Anyway, going to push though to 110 at least to get heritage armor, but I dunno past that. Would be nice to get to 120, especially if max level and good gear helps a lot.

Guess I’m just rambling, but if I’m obviously doing something wrong I’d be happy for some advice.

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Don’t use dispatch for one thing. Get to level 120 for another.

What do I use my combo points on when Between the Eyes is on cooldown and Roll the Bones is active?

Don’t listen to them.

Is quite helpful.

Keep in mind Outlaw is sub-par in single target compared to Assassination.


Ugh…wut? I mean, there are priorities before it, but it’s your last combo dump. Anyways OP classes really need azerite now to shine. Instead of new talents we get borrowed power from whatever treadmill they event for the expansion, so unfortunately you do need max level and gear to truly experience the spec.

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You could try sin. Very simple rotation and levels fine in that bracket

Max level definitely helps a lot, for all three Rogue specs.

If you really don’t like Roll the Bones, you could try Slice and Dice? It’s not tuned well, but it provides an alternative to Roll the Bones that a lot of people prefer.


A couple of things. Most people think rogue is faceroll. Driven by a few things, e.g. being ganked and “one-shot” inside a stunlock, seeing them do top damage in certain environments etc.

All those perceptions are driven by a lack of understanding. E.g Trinketing the wrong thing, not knowing how rogues do aoe dmg, etc.

A ton of people roll rogues, and a ton of people re-roll once they encounter what you’re now encountering. Big props to you for admitting it, now you can improve. A lot of these people would never admit they’re not good at it, they just silently re-roll or go back to their original toon.

The reality is that it’s not easy. No class is truly complex any more, but maximising damage in dungeons as a rogue is more complex than most.

Get to 120 and learn the class properly is the only advice I can give. You’re not going to automatically top dps just because you’re a rogue. There’s a ton of things to consider. Practice on training dummies will help a lot.

One way to tell if you’re doing it “wrong” is to check what % of your damage blade flurry is, after a dungeon run. In my experience, if it’s not at least 20% or more, then there’s serious things going wrong with your rotation. And you should be trying to get as close to 25% or even 30% as you can. The better the Outlaw, the more they can milk out of it.

And if you practice on a group of 4 training dummies, BF should be 40%+ of your overall damage. That’ll help you get your rotation right.

Get a weakaura for roll the bones will help you determine when you need to reroll. This helps a lot for single target, but for AOE it just takes a ton of practice and is very knacky.

Hope this helps.


To be honest I’ve had similar issues. I’ll be in dungeons and feel like I’m making zero contribution. I’ve also been told on these forums to not even worry bout it till I hit 120 and start getting Azerite traits, so I think I’m gonna take that advice. I started a gobbo assassination spec yesterday and he’s up at 20 something, and I’m just focusing on levelling and enjoying the spec.

Hang in there! You’re closer than I am!

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Might be good advice, I didn’t lvl this toon, just boosted it to 110, so can’t comment on how it should do dps-wise during lvling.

When levelling, Sin really gets going once you get Venomous Wounds. Keep at it till then and you’ll see a massive improvement in your dungeon performance.

I just read about it. That’s a great buff for more energy, especially if you apply dots just before an enemy dies! Opens a lot of doors.

Just gotta make it to 50, which isn’t too bad of a grind at all!

just re roll a demon hunter and join their op ness.

My bad, I was thinking the assassination talent formerly known as Dispatch.

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Well, I switched to assassination and dang, Problem Solved.

Only a couple problems left. On is fighting multiple targets. Other than Fan of Knives (and tab of course) I don’t really have much AoE. Kinda thinking about switching to Crimson Tempest instead of Poison Bomb, but I’m not fighting groups too often so it’s ok.

Only other problem is energy regen. I quickly get off a full Rupture, a full Envenom, Garrote, Toxic Blade and a couple point Kidney Shot-- and then energy just does not come back. It’s so slow that I feel I’ve done something wrong. But, I’m still leveling and most mobs are dead before this point. And I use Vendetta for longer fights, but when it’s on cooldown it hurts.

But yeah, over all this is what it seems rogues should feel like. I just really wanted the Outlaw class fantasy. I’ll try it again at 120 with some gear and see how it goes.

Thanks for all the help everyone.

With the right gear, at 120 Outlaw is one of the highest action per minute specs in game. It’s really fast pace, so you definitely won’t feel slow at all with it.

On the other hand, Sin rogue is one of the slowest specs in game.

As far as leveling, I would take subterfuge and do this for a mob:

  1. Open with garrote
  2. Rupture
  3. Cheap shot (you can do this as last move with subterfuge buff)
  4. Mutilate
  5. Envenom
  6. If needed, talented marked for death envenom

Make sure poisons are on and as long as it’s not an elite, it will be dead soon after envenom if not already.

I wouldn’t worry about AoE right now but yeah - fan, rupture and tab garrote with envenom a as needed.

I would swap your first three talents as well for leveling/questing build

  1. Master poisoner
  2. Subterfuge
  3. Marked for death
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Well my friend, those are the two classes that play like no other classes… you are not the first… I love seeing other rogues but if you are gonna be the weak link, DH/DK ora pally are in your future! I could I’ve shown many the ways but… I no longer have time to even play

For aoe assassination shrouded suffocation x3 Garotte …start from stealth… Get three adds or applications…continue with Rupture rotation …when Garotte is dropping off …Vanish to apply empowered Garrotes again…Fan of knives I 'll throw in on larger mobs to get poison ticks.

Poison bomb ( think it’s called that) adds tons to your aoe when it drops

Rogue is great if you play classic WoW, the modern WoW thing they call a rogue is really a ret paladin with stealth.

Come join us on classic and get the real experience.

If you’re West coast US and want to play horde the Whitemane is the place to be.

There are many other great servers, just do your research.

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