It's kind of sad nowadays

(Kreivos) #1

…that we have to live in fear over what abilities/talents/etc Blizzard is going to nerf or remove next.

Recently started having a lot of fun with Greater Pyroblast on this mage. Avoided using that option until recently because my thoughts at the time were “there’s no way I will ever get a 4 second cast off”, but found that untrue after some experimentation. And now? I’ve found it one of the craziest abilities that exist in PvP right now.

Should be enjoying myself as a result, but right now all I can do is be paranoid because it seems like the very kind of thing that Blizz will nerf or remove later on.

Why can’t we be happy anymore?!


the 4 second cast balances it just fine for PvP. I wouldn’t expect any major change to it unless it’s dominating in PvE, and even then Blizzard seems to be fine with certain talents being mandatory if it fits their idea of how the spec should play.

I feel you though. I main Enhancement and a build become viable in 8.1 that wasn’t really in 8.0, at least not for general use. It was SO much more complex than our baseline build. I set up like 26 weakauras to track everything in a way that let me see everything I needed to see in the same spot. And it was fun.

But instead of considering that people might like that playstyle option, they just gutted the trait propping it up instead so the build would die again and we’d all go back to the snoozefest baseline build.".

(Kreivos) #3

Very true. The more I use it though the more I realize how powerful it seriously is. Can chop up raids quite nicely in pitched big group fights like you see in epic BGs. It’s easy to get one guaranteed GP per 1v1 fight with a polymorph, which means by default folks are fighting me with 35% less HP. And not too hard to get more casts off after that, even. It’s especially fun to use against those 300k HP tanks. xD

But yep, I’m starting to have actual fun, which means I should probably be very worried, lols.

That seriously sucks for you though. I don’t know a lot about shamans but I heard they were struggling pretty bad in general. Just another reason to be wary of Blizz I suppose.

(Wariya) #4

Fear ?


(Andros) #5

I hear Resto Druids are on the chopping block next.

(Taladorei) #6

Human nature. You’re worrying about things yet to come.