It's Happening: Night Elf and Forsaken Heritage Armor

And sooner than we thought.

Looks like in 10.1.7 will be introducing the much requested Night elf and Forsaken Heritage Armour sets.

I’m staying optimistic , but gotta give credit where credit is due. Good job keeping up with it Blizz.

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10.1.7 ptr should be out today

As expected, draenei and trolls will be the last “core” race to get heritage armor.

If they are lucky, pandarens/dracthyr will still get a heritage armor at the same time.

That Forsaken armor looks so good! Though I have to say I’m surprised to see the news about new night elf customizations, since they have some of the most options in the game. I hope this means more customizations coming for all races soon. :heart:


Happy to see more heritage armor being released. A little sad it wasn’t Darkspear though.

Where is the nelf set. Have they even shown it

Only shown Undead one so far

I’m hoping that the design team will carry on having different color versions of the armors like they did for the Mag’har, Human and Orc heritage armour. Like a Sun and Moon set for the Nelfs and an Undercity and Lorderon set for the Undead.

A lot of us are EXTREMELY happy to see the Forsaken heritage armor include Lordaeron symbolism.

We are still hoping for upright undead: Upright Forsaken Models - Overdue Character Customization ✓


If it helps temper expectations, it’ll possibly resemble one of the warfront armors. :robot::ice_cube:

Vanilla Tauren over here with 4 face choices :sleepy: get on with it, Blizz.

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