It's AWC Week 3 Weekend!

Sixteen of the best Arena World Championship (AWC) teams from North America and Europe will compete in the very last stage of the AWC Battle for Azeroth season. Watch the AWC Battle for Azeroth Circuit live every weekend at 10:00 a.m. PDT only on YouTube Gaming to see who will compete at the AWC Regional Finals.

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· AWC BFA Circuit – Week 3 – Day 1
· AWC BFA Circuit – Week 3 – Day 2

:spiral_calendar: Schedule

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AWC BFA Circuit - Week 3 - Day 1 - Sept 5 10:00AM 18:00 1:00PM
AWC BFA Circuit - Week 3 - Day 2 - Sept 6 10:00AM 18:00 1:00PM
MATCH 1 :abc: ABC vs :om: F2K MyWay
MATCH 2 :mountain_snow: Bergen Boys vs :coffin: Coffin Dance
MATCH 3 :black_joker: Wildcard Gaming vs :smiling_imp: Diabolus
MATCH 4 :x: XSET vs :put_litter_in_its_place: nLite
MATCH 5 :prince: Golden Guardians vs :turtle: Turtle
MATCH 6 :man_astronaut: Spacestation Gaming vs :face_with_monocle: Mystery Team ???
MATCH 7 :cloud: Cloud9 vs :hatched_chick: Charlotte Phoenix
MATCH 1 :smiling_imp: Diabolus vs :coffin: Coffin Dance
MATCH 2 :put_litter_in_its_place: nLite vs :abc: ABC
MATCH 3 :black_joker: Wildcard Gaming vs :om: F2K MyWay
MATCH 4 :cloud: Cloud9 vs :prince: Golden Guardians
MATCH 5 :hatched_chick: Charlotte Phoenix vs :turtle: Turtle
MATCH 6 :face_with_monocle: Mystery Team ??? vs :large_blue_circle: Unitas
MATCH 7 :man_astronaut: Spacestation Gaming vs :cat2: M2KC

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:film_strip: AWC 2020 BFA Circuit - Official Trailer
:arrow_forward: Week 1 VODs
:arrow_forward: Week 2 VODs

Top 5 Plays

:arrow_forward: Week 1 Top 5 Plays
:arrow_forward: Week 2 Top 5 Plays

Player Profiles

:arrow_forward: Change - –ikaboo | AWC 2020
:arrow_forward: Validation - –haazz | AWC 2020
:microphone: Hosts and Casters
· :point_right::point_left: Gillian “Eiya” Long
· :ice_cube: Elliott “Venruki” Venzcel
· :owl: Sid “Supatease” Compston
· :mage:‍♂ Mohammed “Ziqo” Beshir

:mag_right: :rocket: Starship’s Inspection Tool - Now updated!

For those of you who have been following the AWC, you’re likely familiar with the Inspect Extension. We’ll be partnering with GCDTV yet again for tournament administration, however, they will also be providing a portal to the builds and gear all top 8 Arena competitors will be running in real-time, just like you would in-game and see the gear; talents, Azerite Traits, Corruption, and Essences.

So, if you’re spending time in the Arena you now have more reasons than ever to tune in and find out just how the pros dominate their foes. Click here to see an example of the tool. Note: This tool will likely not be live until closer to Friday.

:link: Resources
· Current Standings - Updated after broadcasts
· AWC Circuit - Viewers Guide

:scroll: Format & Structure
· AWC Circuit consists of a 4 week Round Robin
· All series but the Finals will be Best of 5
· Team roster shall be a minimum of 3 players up to a maximum of 4 players
· Team compositions cannot consist of greater than one “Healer” specialization or greater than one “Tank” specialization.
· The first game of every series will take place on Nagrand Arena and compositions will be chosen blind to each team.
· All subsequent games, the losing team of the previous game will select the next map, followed by the winning team publicly locking in their composition before the losing team locks in their own composition.
· Maps cannot be played twice in any given series.

Circuit Teams

EU Teams

:om: F2K MyWay

:coffin: Coffin Dance

:put_litter_in_its_place: nLite

:smiling_imp: Diabolus

:abc: ABC

:mountain_snow: Bergen Boys

:black_joker: Wildcard Gaming

:x: XSET

NA Teams

:prince: Golden Guardians

:face_with_monocle: Mystery Team ???

:cloud: Cloud9

:turtle: Turtle

:cat2: M2KC

:large_blue_circle: Unitas

:hatched_chick: Charlotte Phoenix

:man_astronaut: Spacestation Gaming

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Funny video.


Things that are more important:

This video about PvP vendors in Shadowlands


i wonder if they see the excitement or lack of by the lack of post… Like really whocares the PVP in this patch is a joke…

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The only reason I watch these is to see Mage/Lock/Healer lose.


Can’t believe Drake not only is an amazing WW monk, but also was a great actor in Degrassi, is one of the most well known artists, and also broke twitch viewership records when he played Fortnite with Ninja… what can’t this man do?


Really? What team is he on?

Meow Meow Kitty Cats (M2KC)

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Gotta setup dat transmog

The mods on YT are out of control, its a clique of girls that troll chat then ban the most rated g comments because they dont like that opinion. Overall the broadcast is suffering from a lack of professionalism.