It's alive! The big list of realm roleplay events for October

Greetings folks! Are you looking to meet new people or have a bit of irreverant fun? Then check out these events put on by the realm’s roleplaying community. All event times are realm time.

Orcs and Trolls vs. the Boomkin World Boss

:round_pushpin: Bloodsail Buccaneers realm
:loudspeaker: Rusky Husky

A mysterious terror has been spotted squawking over the land and rumor has it that only a raid of brave adventurers can defeat it. Sign on to the Bloodsail Buccaneers realm and create a level 1 orc or troll to participate.

Fire Tales Return

2020-10-14T03:59:00Z for 1 hour
:round_pushpin: Orgrimmar
:loudspeaker: Sharptusk

Gather around the fire for late night storytelling. Tell your own tales, make a request or simply listen in.

Fire Tales Return

2020-10-16T03:59:00Z for 1 hour
:round_pushpin: Orgrimmar
:loudspeaker: Sharptusk

A second night of storytelling around the fire. Tell your own tales, make a request or simply listen in.

AQ Writing Contest

:loudspeaker: Wist, Tsonashap, Halonse, Ahleingui, Reelbigbone

Submit your best short story themed around entering the great Temple of Madness, Ahn’Qiraj.

Isairius’ Fashion Fiesta

:round_pushpin: Brill Graveyard
:loudspeaker: Isairius

First place prize 100 gold, second place prize 50 gold, third place prize 25 gold.

The Second Skull Hunt :skull:

2020-10-18T01:00:00Z for 1.5 hours
:round_pushpin: Orgrimmar
:loudspeaker: Sharptusk

Adventua be afoot an it got t’ree toes! Strike out inta da realm an find da skull keepas, who be waitin in trollish places. Collect a skull from each an return t’ Orgrimma for da reward!

Here be da rules:

  • Meet at the Orgrimmar bank at 20:50.
  • Strike out solo or in a team at 21:00. You must return by 22:30.
  • Find the skullkeepers!

200 gold reward for the first, 100 gold for the second and 50g for the third to return with five skulls.

Meet & Greet Camping

2020-10-19T01:00:00Z for 1.5 hours
:round_pushpin: Sen’jin Village
:loudspeaker: Sharptusk

Interested in transferring to the realm? Already here but looking to meet people? Join us as we camp and fish up and down the coast. All are welcome!

  • Meet in Sen’jin at 20:50 and grab a fishing pole from a volunteer.
  • Whisper Sharptusk for a raid invitation.

Landlubbers’ Mystery Monster Mash

:round_pushpin: Orgrimmar
:loudspeaker: Horrorful

Join the Landlubbers for their second annual Hallow’s End spooktacular event! Win prizes for Dressing up and Singin’ like a Pirate! For solving a Mysterious Mystery! And for Showin’ off yer best disguise!

Grave Rave: Karazhan Crypts

2020-10-25T03:00:00Z for 3 hours
:round_pushpin: Deadwind Pass
:loudspeaker: Reelbigbone, Sharptusk

The Crystal Cave Rave is temporarily to a spooky new location with a spooky new name. Travel to the Karazhan crypts if you dare, for a night of booze, mushrooms, dancing and fun!

Do you know of a plan to grief an event? Bounties will be paid for successfully thwarted griefings. Whisper Sharptusk in-game or send a message to Sharptusk#0001 on Discord.

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