It's a fact: The majority of users on here are trolls

I guess if i made one, it wasn’t funny. /shrug

I am a GNOME, thank you very much!


Gross. It’s speaking in public!

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It’s like general chat in game, but with less jokes. It’s pretty bad.

Not nice! gnomes are cute too!

I’d like to direct you to this thread I found the other day. I couldn’t stop laughing. A random General Forum topic

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a lot of people that read the jokes either take them literally for more troll fuel, or become victim to Poe’s Law. I’ve seen sarcastic humor on here get people into trouble.

There is another way to interpret that? Seriously?



I just use the forum for a bit a fun and to be silly. Most of what I post isn’t serious. Is that trolling?

Not really given the context. Dude is back pedaling faster than Michael Jackson on a treadmill


you seem mad ; guess the trolls won :wink:

Truth. When one makes a thread regarding trolls, the trolls have done something to spark said thread. Ergo, they do win.

I just hope that the folks that still have doubt about it get the warnings that me and many others pass along.

I can’t call the community toxic though, because that’s relative to the person. Others find things funny that other folks don’t, other people agree and disagree passionately about things sometimes, etc, but some can/can’t tolerate it. That goes for yours truly too. With that being said, it’s hard to label the forums with the “T-word”

I really wish there was a “Serious Discussion” forum where trolls and such were permanently banned, you can’t post on alts, and there was a 200-300 character minimum. This way people could actually have productive conversations and suggestions that aren’t drowned out by the trolls.

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I’m not trolling… I’m simply stupefied by the hubris you have in posting something like that and then try to attempt to claim to be a victim… Just like wow.


They’re also very apathetic, too…


I wanted to troll but I can’t unlock Zandalari

Cries in Alliance

I know you’re not trolling.

Oh, i’m no victim. I understand things can come off the wrong way, cause a bit of a reaction, etc. It’s hard to tell the tone without serious indications.

I am having calamari salad for lunch. It’s delicious.


What kind of ham?