It's 2023 and we still can't choose 1 or 2 BGs to ban from our queues?

Seriously, when are you going to give us a choice to remove 1 epic BG and 1 regular BG from our queues? I just started PvPing again and quickly remembered why I despise Ashran.

Beyond being the only BG where I get low performance in the 30 FPS range, it’s also god awful playing it as a feral druid. I’m nearly useless in that place.

We used to be able to remove two BGs from our queue back in the day. Why was it removed?


What do you lose out on by choosing random over choosing a specific BG?

This was a feature years ago that they got rid of: i think b/c queues were too long.

Because only about 20 percent of pvp’ers used blacklist. And those 20 percent overwhelmingly chose Strand of the Ancients most of the time.

Was easier just to remove both I guess, haha.

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I’d blacklist Wintergrasp and Seething Shore so fast my head would spin


At least Wintersgrasp spreads people out across the entire map. Ashran is 90% a middle of the road zergfest that leaves very few options for melee dps like ferals and rogues.

As for choosing random over a specific BG, I thought you get more honor and conquest winning randoms. Same concept as doing random dungeons instead of choosing specific ones. At least it used to be that way back in the day. I’m not home right now to test it out so maybe it changed. If that’s the case when I get home, I’ll never choose random again for epic BGs.


I’ll take a zug fest over getting killed by idiots in vehicles who BM you 30 sec after they kill you because they’re better.

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its 2023 and PVP is still broken garbage, you think they will bother fixing that when the whole pvp system has been trash for years?

you get less fun points

Guard Solar Sphere down in the mines with your life. Use speed boosts to get there asap. It might be boring but you’ll be far from useless. And if your team does control it all game and loses, you can blame it all on them :slight_smile:

If you don’t know what it is, while your team controls it everyone has +20% haste. It’s worth it for 1 or 2 players to guard it. Preferably players like frail melee that struggle in team fights.


WorldPvP already touched on this already (only 20% used it) but to add to that, they also split the queues between epic and normal. Everything used to be together as one. So a lot of people would either blacklist epics to get more normal, or blacklist normal BGs to get more epics.

And yet, here you are.

Taking and holding the Solar Sphere is akin to Battle Meditation from Star Wars.

It was removed after “Epic” Battlegrounds were moved into their own queue.

And how harmful would it be to let us ban 1 BG from our entire queue? At least this would give the devs a real perspective on what players DO NOT want. And while we are on the subject of epic BGs, they should bring back Tol Barad.

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Whoa now. Let’s be careful. This is a slippery slope. If they dedicate a developer to add blacklisting, then what’s next? An entire team dedicated to PvP? Now that’s risky business.

specific queueing 2 bgs blacklists everything else, i don’t mind playing every bg except eots/seething. Can’t get a gilneas if i’m queueing warsong/tp :confused: but if i queue random then i get 3 eots in a row against full knock teams :crazy_face:

I think you also lose the 15conq for winning possibly

I wouldn’t mind something like a random queue but you select bg priorities, so you wouldn’t outright be preventing getting a queue pop but the queue may skip you for an eots if theres an ab coming up in a minute. But if there werent enough players for an ab then you’d get the eots pop (this would work better if bgs could pool from both alliance and horde numbers to fill)

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You would throw off queue times, and not in a good way.

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No problem. I’ll just semi afk through each Ashran, especially ones that are heading into the loss column. If they are going to waste my time by forcing me to join it, then I’ll find something more interesting to do while sitting in there.

i always tell ppl this and they never listen and then wonder why lol