Item Restoration Not Showing Disenchanted Items

I keep getting the “our hands are tied in this matter” response. The item restoration page doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work any better for the GMs. Their tools are affected by the same bug, so they’re as helpless as you until the developers fix the underlying problem.

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I talked to a GM and it was confirmed that this was a known bug and they are working on fixing the issue. My only confusion is if there is a Thread or something of the sort we can have access to in order to follow up on the issue and get updates? I am just checking every day hoping that the issue is fixed and it is kind of disheartening as I have had this issue for quite some time now.

Also trying to get some lost items back any updates on this :smiley:?

No. The developers keep their bug tracking private and don’t discuss or announce bug fixes until the fix is released (as part of patch or hot fix notes), and sometimes not even then.

Getting a GM to confirm a bug is actually uncharacteristic. You’ll know it’s fixed when you try it and it’s not broken any more.

Hopefully it’s within the 30 day window so we don’t get screwed

I found a thread which keeps a list of known issues:
Burning Crusade Classic - 2.5.1 Known Issues - June 1, 2021

I would have hoped that something like this would be made for the Item Restoration Disenchanting problem. It appears that there is not much visibility on it.

its frustrating seeing people on some forums getting ti fixed then others not, i did the same with a weapon and made a ticket to try and get it restored
i basically got looped around and told tough luck

Hey there! Game Master ******here!

I’ve read your ticket about trying to restore an item. You can find a link to the Restoration page here:

Real quick, though, there’s a few important notes!

First, the Item Restoration system is currently not seeing some recently sold/destroyed/disenchanted items. This is a bug affecting both Classic/BC, and Shadowlands. It’s something we’re currently working on fixing! However, we don’t have an ETA at this time. Items will eventually show up, though it can take several relogs over the course of several hours - so keep checking back as the days go on.
Second, for Classic/BC specifically, disenchanted items aren’t always showing up on the Item Restoration page, while items that were vendored or destroyed will.

Both of these are bugs that our Dev crew is working on fixing up ASAP! However, Customer Service will not be able to restore these items by hand (an unfortunate side effect of the bugs). You can keep an eye on our Hotfixes blog on the WoW website to see when the Item Restoration site is fixed, or keep trying over the coming days.

Third, the Item Restoration site will show your Classic and Burning Crusade characters, and they may look identical. We’re working on getting an indicator added so you can tell which one is which, but for now you’ll need to look at the kinds of items they can restore and compare that to what you’ve done recently in order to make sure you’re looking at the right version of your character.

Normally though, this page can see everything we can! So, keep an eye on our Hotfixes blog and the Restoration site over the coming days - once the Item Resto page is fixed, if the item doesn’t show in your Item Restoration page, it’s meant to be unrestorable. I know it might seem harsh, but the Item Restoration system isn’t designed to be a permanent record of items you’ve owned. It’s only meant to help restore items you’ve recently lost by mistake. This is why some items eventually disappear from your restoration lists - including quest items and quest rewards.

In these cases, Customer Service won’t restore the item, or reset the quest if it was a quest reward. Again, I know that’s rough - but that’s at our Dev crew’s request.

And, restorations are meant to be a limited thing - so if your restoration is already on cooldown, you’ll have to wait for it to expire to use it again.

In the meantime, if you want the Item Restoration system changed, you’ll need to reach out to our Dev crew through the Suggestion button or by starting up a discussion on the Forums, and let them know what you’d like to see. They reduced the cooldown from 30 days to 15 some time ago, and reduced it again down to 7 days - so it’s possible they could make more changes.

I hope that clears up any questions you might have had. Best of luck out there!

any idea when this is going to be fixed?

its been a known issue since TBC launched.

it took me about 3 weeks and countless tickets before i could get 2 daggers restored, so saying the GMs wont restore an item at the moment is flat out not true.

I currently am seeing less than 10% of the items that i should be seeing in item restore and it also doesnt show all rares if you use the filters so better to avoid the filters all together and just scroll.

any kind of ETA on when this will be fixed would be good

in the mean time ill open up ticket after ticket again until i get the items i want restored

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My ticket response entirely ignored the fact that disenchanted items are not showing up, just told me hey its not in there, tough luck. Kinda sucks. I just want my fishing pole back :frowning: (was nat pagles!!)

just chiming in to say I have this issue too. There’s a workaround for vendored items that don’t appear in the item restore, but nothing for DE’d items. This kinda sucks

When will this be fixed? Still can’t see my D/E’d items :frowning:

+1 - disenchanted items still not showing up on item restoration page. RIP gloves…

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Item restoration page is still not showing Any BC items.
I have cleared all cookies and tried 3 different browsers.
Is this still not fixed or there is something else I need to do to see current items??

Any news i also accidentaly dis enchanted a item

Still till today nothing. Doesn’t seem that this is top priority. I just DE my MQG

+1 - same problem here, wanted to restore a disenchanted item. The restoration page only shows items that I vendored or destroyed. None of the many items I disenchanted over the past weeks are listed for restoration.

This issue really needs to be addressed. A service is offered here that specifically states that “sold, destroyed or disenchanted items can be restored using the Item Restoration Page”.

… nothing has happened over the two months since this thread has been opened…

Hope this will finally be fixed soon.

Been trying for 3 days in a row…Item Restoration page 2 onward is stuck on loading.

It is legit bugged and just de’d something and it is not showing up at all, even after i exit game