It'd be cool if they brought back claws of shirvallah as a new cat form appearance

what yall think?


I didnt mind it. Only thing that bothered me was how it ran compared to the actual saberon models

Unpopular opinion. I don’t care for it honestly

More forms is good. But I never liked that model.

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Yes I am all for it, but I hope if they did they would update the model and maybe just use the might of Grizzlemaw animations. I like that run animation.


I’m all for more Druid forms.

Would be nice if they broke the Druid up into quarters,heads and tail.

A few dozen skins mixable and matched like that would give quite a few new looks.

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That would be awesome if I could put the Zandalari bear form face on a swolebear body I could be a were-dinosaur or something XD

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Great idea!! think of how many mogs druids miss out on, at least I feel I do because of being in forms all the time. Life of the Druid is hard, cookie cutter hard. :slightly_frowning_face:

Travel forms need some love too (why can’t I be a snake and run like a water walking lizard across the stream)???

As I rant, lemme just say I want a small Druid too. Love the quests/toys/trinkets that shrink me. When I get shrunken down to a mighty little bear and my friends can ride on the small little deer and get a goblin glide ride with me…makes me happy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha glad you feel my pain, I mean when I think of classes with more customization than just transmog and weapons, Druids, Warlocks, and Hunters come to mind. Druids for forms like we chatted about, Warlocks and Hunters for pets, which is basically apart of there transmog because they are always up. Warlocks got shafted but Hunters basically get the kind of class customization the other 2 classes want. With every expansion now Hunters get new types of pets to train and new models to boot. If druids got like 1 new form for each spec per expansion I would be happy. Or warlocks got more glyphs.

Oh and to be an old timer, in WoW Beta in 2003 Druids had a Critter form to spy npcs or players. Basically like stealth kinda. Think it was a squirrel.


I’m cool, with being a secret squirrel while in stealth. :joy:

Definitely hear you on the locks needing pet upgrades. Being a blinking fox lock is good 'cause I don’t have to be last anymore (for this expac anyway). But Ole Berry Blue needs to be tore down and built back up.

On that note, Why couldn’t the folks in Bastion be like: ‘hey warlock, thanks for bolting back this robo cat, take one as your void replacement…’ ?

Any change would be an up change after all these years.

No. By far the worst Druid skin to ever exist. It’s bad enough we have werebears walking around.

Forgot this was a thing honestly. It’d be interesting for a few days but would get old fast. Unless blizzard overhauls the animations and appearance, I dont think it will have longterm appeal. Maybe if they added different variants of the appearance in a similar fashion to the artifact appearances. That’d be pretty sweet.

I’m all for new skins.

Claws of shirvallah with new skins and model for druids. I’m IN!!!

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Love more options… maybe even a little quest line explaining why we get the form back.

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How do you put “people cried like spoiled brats being told no” into a questline!? :wink:

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Where there is a will, there is a way… and humor.

Offtopic: when are they fixing how broken AR look on the forums? Sigh.

I would love to see them remove the restrictions on the base model forms across the races.

We all get our power from the same place. Some of the racial differences make sense while others don’t.

Night elf bears have night elf ears, cool. Troll forms have tusks, great. Worgen forms are more wolf like. Awesome.

Kul Tirans get dead trees? I get that they learned from the Thornspeakers and there Drust, but Kul Tirans themselves aren’t Drust and they get their powers from the same place as a Tauren.

Same with the Zandalari. Loa are just Wild Gods. They’re just a different sect than there more Elune/Ysera favored ones.

I would love for my Druid to be able to use any of the other races forms. Especially Boomkin since we don’t have anything to swap it to. (Outside glyph of stars.)

Ps. Saberon would be cool to.

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If they have a system in place for the dragonflight mounts they can use that as a base for a lot of things.

Imagine being able to farm for or learn a certain appearance or customization from creatures (beasts) anywhere in the world. Something for everyone.

New ones are added to the base races over time, why not for forms as well?

I can’t find any lore breaking reasons for a Druid to be able to learn a form from creatures they spend time with. It wouldn’t be any sillier than what they are already opening by removing some transmog restrictions.

But… /shrug

This would be like saying everyone should be able to speak in all dialects and accents.