It’s Game day!

There’s a seat for you at the rodeo and I’ve got every slow dance saved!

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So uh, where did the servers go? We’re under 2 hours

I’m moving soon and that’s one big thing I’ll miss about NTX/Denton.

Not Ohio but some other not Denton Co place.
Game time not long now!

And again on another server, so it is hardcore wake up…

Then don’t. It’s an option.

Should give a warning when you’re gonna drop baby level takes.

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No sir it IS NOT hardcore.

Hardcore is when you die and your character is gone forever like on Diablo II hardcore.

This crap is new generation safe space hardcore. Its not actually hardcore

serve it

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HC won’t survive if the player base eats each other alive over legitimate non-issues and pedantic differences.

This isn’t D2, D2 is a good game.

The transfer is a choice, not a requirement. Nor is transferring any different than being dead and deleted on a HC realm. The character is no longer considered an HC character and cannot be used again on an HC realm.

Baby takes again.

Okay boomer, or alternatively, touch grass.

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But you don’t lose the character. You just play it on a different server. That’s a significant departure from actual Hardcore.

I understand why Blizz did it. They’d never actually make players lose their characters on death. And this way they don’t even need to have any kind of appeals system, since…you simply keep playing on a different realm. No big deal.

Only in a pedantic sense though, not in a legitimate sense. In reality it has the same function as deletion. The character is no longer viable to HC play.

I mean same, but it also doesn’t at all remove the HC aspect while on HC realms. It’s legit a pedantic choice to care about it, as in the end the character is dead, never to return, on HC realms.

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But…they’re not dead. They’re just playing somewhere else.

This following is pure conjecture, but do you really think this server won’t be merged with Classic era at some point?

In every possible way they are dead on HC. They do not exist on HC, they are dead. Playing somewhere else has zero effect on the dead HC character as it ceases to be a HC character once it dies. IF the player chooses to xfer that is.

Can’t speak to it.

That’s a good thing about the official hc rules.

I’m gonna delete on death but I’m fine with what others decide is best for them. It doesn’t make me more REAL HARDCORE than they. I don’t have to LARP Gladys Kravitz to have a good time.

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Be careful closing your launcher. Mine can’t connect now.

It is Hardcore wake up the toon is not able to play when die on the server… like you able to read but dont know what you read…

I just get a giant loop that combines all 3 of Maynard James Keenan’s bands.

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That’s the best part

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Four roses clears. :cloud_with_rain:

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Or is it Silverchair and I forget the other one, my Girlfirend is grumpy?