Issue With A 2 Man Horrific Vision

My friend and I did a 2 man 3 chest vision and we completed it. I was able to loot all five chests but his are highlighted and he can’t loot them.

Any help here appreciated. Thanks!

Did he actually tag the bosses? If you don’t at least get a hit on the boss, your friend is not gonna be able to loot the chest for that boss.


I don’t think so. He died early as I was carrying him.

that’s the case then.

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Ok, thanks! I’ll know for next time :).

Do you know if he will be able to receive loot if we do another 3 mask or is he locked out for that now?

that, I have no idea. I’m not aware of a lockout. But then again, I have done only one mask, once.

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Ok, thank you.

Shouldn’t be locked out, I think, since he wasn’t eligible for loot before. I know it’s hard to keep someone alive when vision carrying though. :smile:

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