Islands are the worst feature of BFA


The only way of getting loot is RNG with extremely low drop rate, with the only fun i’ve had with it being akfing mythic when that worked. Now that they fixed it, Islands aren’t fun anymore(If they ever had been) I don’t know why blizz just didn’t make IE a Rep grind like all the other BFA content. At least with rep grind there’s actually a reward you can feasibly get.


Yeah, the AFKing the mythics was nice and rewarding; I could get housework done and farm mounts.


How did this work?


when 8.1 dropped, you could just sit at the boat in a mythic group and you would get loot even if you lost. it was a few days before it got patched. Got 2 mounts and abunch of pets that way, The only time I really saw any drops at all.


Yeah, what Jakodio said is right. Basically, you would find 2 more people (or multibox), queue for a mythic, let the comps win (usually 10-15 minutes), and re-queue when you lost. Losing, even with a 0-12,000 score, gave loot (including mounts). The loot back then seemed better than winning the mythics now, too.

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Islands are definitely the biggest let downs of this expansion. The gameplay is crap, the rewards rng is crap. It is some of the most boring, repetitive, and unengaging content they have ever put in the game.

I’m just glad they don’t have anything mandatory tied to them. I’ve happily ignored them almost the entire expansion. I did a few on release, and I did a few when they “updated” them with 8.1

Just awful and boring content the entire time. It’s unfortunate this took development time from things that might have actually made the game better or more enjoyable.


+1 for the OP.

I feel like island expeditions are wasted time and potential. They did not have to be trash mobs grinds but that is what they ended up becoming.

It would make me happy if Blizzard would add the mounts onto a vendor. That probably will not ever happen… but if a dev ever reads this… please add recolors of the mounts onto a vendor in a future patch or expansion.


Remember MoP scenarios? Remember how nobody liked them? Well now they’re back and just as shiddy as they were last time!! Seriously who was the dev that green lighted this crap?

Warfronts aren’t any better but do have potential. Double down on the moba aspects and drift away from the brain dead gathering and npcs doing the work, and you’d have something special.


I think that islands wouldn’t be as bad as they are if you could get the rng rewards via a dubloon vendor, and it wasn’t a mad dash to get azerite before the ai team.


So which is more lazy (design-wise): WarFronts or Island Expeditions?


Islands. It’s the same thing every time with a different skin.

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It needs vareity. Right now it’s just an aoe zergfest with clicking on chests in between. Where are the platforming puzzles? Where are 1001 game knowledge riddles? Indiana Jones boulder running? Not even a Simon Says or rythm game? There’s only killing mobs?

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Don’t mind that it’s just a killing fest, the problem is the lack of any visible benefit to doing higher levels or killing more rares, or anything. Just win and hope you get something.

Do everything right? collect shards, get treasures, kill rares? Get nothing.
Just mine ore? Get Nothing. Nearly loose? get something random. Worse when it’s something you don’t want, cant’ sell and isnt’ what you are trying to target.

It feels like such a loose loose situation. I won’t be thrilled when / if I ever get the Island Thunderscale. It’ll be just like the emotion I had when I got the other model from the paragon chest. Thank God I don’t have to do this crap any more!

That isn’t how it should be. It should be exciting not relief that the grind is over.


I’m probably in the minority but I enjoy doing a few islands every week. It’s fun to group up with people and do big pulls.

I do agree that loot could have been handled better, though.


anything that is so easy that it guarantees victory even with massive incompetence is considered lazy in my eyes

so both

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Bumping this because it is ridiculous the way mounts work right now.

They are the only thing that can’t be traded, they have layered RNG to get and they can’t be targeted; they need to be added to a vendor to be able to be bought with dubloons.

I have been farming the island thunderscale and I have done SO many IEs with no reward. I can’t even begin to describe the level of crazy I am starting to feel getting yet another Jorundall with no thunderscales (mobs that allow the mount to be on the loot table in the end. The fact that this mount is different to ALL THE OTHER IE MOUNTS is driving me crazy. ALL other mounts have a chance to show up on ANY IE. This one doesn’t. It will ONLY drop off thunderscales that ONLY spawn on Jorundall.

To even get a shot at the mount I need Jorundall to be part of the weekly rotation. I need to get lucky and get Jorundall as the IE i que for. Then I need to get lucky again and have the thunderscales present on the map. Then and only then do I get a teeny tiny chance of it dropping at the end.

To go over to wowhead today and see some loser got it on his first ever jorundall makes me want to scream and rip my hair out.

I have been sitting here for WEEKS farming this stupid mount MOST times NONE of those things lining up. And when they have, I have not gotten the mount.

I am talking days and days worth (not hours) of farming and nothing.

This isn’t like invincible or midnight where i target that raid and that boss and KNOW i have a shot at the mount no matter how small.

This is just sadistic and not fun at all.

Blizzard PLEASE do something about this, layered RNG that does not reward time and effort is pathetic.

At the least, let us CHOOSE WHAT IE WE WANT TO QUE FOR


Now excuse me while I go and have a nervous breakdown after doing my umpteenth IE with NO chance at the mount (none of those STUPID requirements lined up)

/end rant.

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They could have put mekkatorque boss fight style mini games in the islands. Or puzzles to solve. Instead of a race with cpu on who can kill the most trash. Maybe raid boss so that tanks and heal que meaningfully.


I agree islands could be better. They lack depth I’m, there’s just nothing to them. It’s as mindless as a kill/collect quest.

Having said that tho, I must admit I really like islands and find them relaxing. When I’m just bored after running BGs for hours, or just got done raiding, they’re a nice mindless way to relax and get some AP


I keep waiting for some sort of patch notes for islands to hit wowhead. I’ve done 2900 islands now, started multi boxing to up my chances at loot, and this week I’ve done 120 islands and i finally got my first mount. It was quinsho’s, which was bitter sweet because i only want squawks, but it is nice to know that mounts are actually obtainable. Another note is that i seem to get atleast 3 doubloons per island which is quite reasonable. The major flaw behind islands really is the inability to target the npc type which holds the loot you desire, and the lack of complexity behind the grind to win.

I am also very curious as to blizzards plan for the next expansion. What is the plan for islands? I would totally understand if they stay 110+ to queue, and most likely will have to be solo content because the odds of finding someone that wants to grind them with you would seem very unlikely. As a very particular mount collector, they have to have some plan to still make these reasonably obtainable in expansions to come(even though they aren’t reasonable to obtain in the first place) but there has got to be a logical fix to the situation. You know they won’t add the loot you want to a vendor, if they won’t be sensible and do it for pvp gear, they sure as hell won’t do it for mounts.

I personally feel that the loot may have been slightly buffed, but having to wait 2 months for pirates is kind of a drag, especially since you really don’t know what’s going to be in the rotation until the servers reset. If there was a way to target the invasion with an item purchased with doubloons, this is indefinitely the safest route for both parties. I have thousands of doubloons across my account, and the currency really holds no weight for the amount of work you put in to receive them. We really just need a little bit of tlc for islands, blizz. Adding new ones is nice, but once again most people feel tgat islands aren’t even worth the effort for the azeirte, let alone loot.


i think if they took it a step further from the last buff to loot transparency, it would help alot. also game modes, say a guantlet style ‘survive waves of hostile natives and protect the azerite vein’ or something, maybe just an open ended exploration one with or without pvp elements, maybe make it sorta like a mini dungoen with bosses that drop cosmetic loot or gold, something, basically just adding a guarenteed dropof SOMETHING. as they are i really enjoy them and i use them to level my alts, but ita currently not something i can do alot wothout getting bored.