Island Rewards Update

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In Tides of Vengeance, in addition to two new Island Expeditions, we’re making a number of adjustments and improvements to Islands. One of those changes will alter how various cosmetic rewards are determined, and we’d like to explain that further, as we promised here:

Currently in Battle for Azeroth, Island Expeditions have a chance to reward cosmetic items based on which type of creatures you and your team defeated. For example, if the island theme of the week was Hozen, there’s a chance to receive one of the Banana toys. If the invaders were Nerubian, you could have a chance to receive the Voru’kar Leecher companion pet (among other things). They way this has worked is by means of a hidden scorecard that counted your group’s efforts against anything on the island that was part of the invaders’ ecology. So if anyone in the group earned some Azerite from killing invaders or mining Azerite near the invaders, everyone in the group had a chance at the cosmetic rewards. That chance grew based on how much invaders’ Azerite was obtained, and was also a higher chance in Heroic and even higher in Mythic difficulty Islands. We set the maximum chance you could earn at a reasonable threshold, in the hopes that players wouldn’t feel that they needed to only kill invaders and not complete the islands in a natural way.

Of course, that’s not how it worked out. Confusion around the best way to get cosmetics led to a divergence in playstyles, with some players wishing to focus exclusively on hunting specific creatures, while others wished to win the island efficiently to get Azerite. This caused a significant amount of tension between players who had differing goals.

In Tides of Vengeance, all players on an Expedition will have a chance to receive cosmetic rewards based on the island’s inhabitants, rather than which enemies were specifically defeated. That chance will again be higher on higher difficulties, but there will be no need to strategize around invaders. The most efficient way to receive cosmetic rewards will be whatever tactics cause you to complete the Island quickly, on the highest difficulty that you’re comfortable.

Thanks to everyone who has stormed our high seas with feedback on this. We really appreciate it.

It took almost 4 months for Blizzard to explain Island Expeditions
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It took almost 4 months for Blizzard to explain Island Expeditions
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It took almost 4 months for Blizzard to explain Island Expeditions
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(Reese) #3

This is a good change. Thanks for listening.

(Vorlith) #4

If only how the game worked was communicated to us months ago these problems between players wouldn’t exist.


Thank you for this update! Really appreciate it.


The right thing to do - thank you very much for listening and making this change.

(Cung) #7

Such a shame to kill such a interesting loot system, I really liked how they worked with loot

(Quintessence) #8

Could you please clarify this part? I never realized that speed for completing any Island played a factor in whether or not you increased your chances for cosmetic rewards. Is this new for 8.1, or has this always been the case?

If speed does impact rewards, doesn’t this somewhat go against the idea of exploration and discovery? Will IEs turn into nothing but speed-runs? (not that they aren’t now, depending on your group)

(Kalcheus) #9

It’s simply stating that the faster you complete the island, the more islands you’ll be able to complete over time.


They aren’t saying “do it fast, you’ll get a better chance at rewards”, they’re saying “the most efficient way to get rewards is the most efficient way to complete the island” - that is to say, there is no longer a disparity between farming rewards and just nuking everything ASAP like there is now, since you don’t have to wait for the invasion to spawn or to go hunt rares, you can just kill what you like to get done.

(Ranthae) #11

This is referencing the 8.0 version. In 8.0, you gained a ‘score’ depending on what you killed that weighted towards certain rewards. This led to a playstyle where players would slow down on completing the island in order to target specific enemies and max out rewards.
In 8.1, you will now get a flat chance based on whatever is on the island, regardless on if you killed it or not.

(Kalcheus) #12

If you somehow complete the island before the invaders arrive, does that make you ineligible for rewards from them? Or does the game determine the loot table at the start of the expedition?


This is a great change, cant wait for it to go live

(Yata) #14

Great change, thank you!

(Talas) #15

While this is an improvement and as such I welcome it, there is still too much RNG in the system. As it stands, I still can’t choose which island to queue for, and there is still such a large pool of rewards that targeting a specific one is very frustrating. Again, this is an improvement, and that’s good, but as I said in the last post about the 2 new islands, when you put all the rewards on a vendor and award a currency I’ll care. I don’t have time to waste on low drop chance with added RNGRNGRNG*RNG chance cosmetics anymore.

(Madbeatz) #16

Wow - THANKS SO MUCH for listening to the community and making changes.


Does this change include the mobs/rares in the Tier 3 invasions as well? Meaning, if we finish an island before the Tier 3 is triggered, are those mobs still put into the possible rewards pool?

(Darragar) #18


This should cut down on the kicking. Thank you.

(Drauguss) #19

Why not just stop this RNG crap and put it all on vendors? Ahhh i forgot, no fun allowed.


This new system coming up in 8.1 is rather dull.
I think just an explanation of how the current system works would have been enough.
Now you’ll just kill everything in your path and requeue, don’t have to go explore for unique rares, etc.