Island expeditions should reward leveling gear if done under 120


I use islands to level because after the first time around, the quests are really tedious. The trouble with this though, is that islands don’t give gear that isn’t 120. So what happens is I become less and less useful the higher level I get until I just become a liability.


That is why you do dungeons or battlegrounds .


There are also quests…there is more to life than Islands


I’m aware there are other things to do, but having the option to level via islands can’t be a bad thing. More options are good!

(Baltysalls) #5

Once you get to 120 you have so many options to get gear. Besides wqa whereb the gear will be fairly low at first you can go kill all the warfront rares, spam warfronts, incursions. You are more than fine if you want to just level through islands.