Island Expeditions Rewards Nerf/Broken ... again

(Missunknown) #1

I do a ton of these (want the pets and mounts) and last week everyting was running smoothly, in a group of 3, at least every normal IE one of us was getting something (mog pet or rarely a mount) but this week I have done 50 in a row with us only getting in the 50 or so runs roughly 1 pet, 2 or 3 mogs and 3 or so quest items .

Whatever blizz broke with the latest reset, can you please fix! Doing this many IEs for no rewards is demoralizing.

(Illidette) #2

I’ve noticed a decrease in general since the patch. Though it may just be RNG, or they could’ve nerfed droprates due to dubloons being guaranteed now. Definitely feels like the drops have been nerfed though.


Definitely noticed a decrease for like the last 2 weeks, but I just got 2 green items tonight, so idk. Maybe something changed.

(Kiwì) #4

I do them on multiple toons. Since the patch hit and they added the dubloon bag at the end, I have not received any pets at all. :frowning:

(Missunknown) #5

Can blizz please look in to this? Literally spent ALL day doing back to back IEs and the rewards are shocking and almost non existent. I am consistently seeing 5 or 6 IEs in a row where all 3 of us get absolutely nothing.
For the amount of time spent the rewards are NOT worth the effort.

(Kgrin) #6

It seems like the dubblon drop rate was increased while everything else was decreased. I got a weapon, boots, and a pet that drops all time after running multiple toons through them this past weekend.

(Voidarcane) #7

More than likely this… But hey the more Blizz destroys themselves the more I’m laughing while playing FFXIV

(Kalaniesh) #8

After 200 attempts plus for the old IE mounts, I doubt they exist anyway.


Mobs need to drop loot. It’s the only way to make IE’s and Warfronts not be tediously boring and monotonous.


Same experience for me on multiple toons.

Blizzard gives with one hand, and takes away with the other three.

Perhaps Ion is having to pay for every single thing that drops in this game out of his own pocket.

(Dellexi) #11

I will try to express this in numbers instead of speculation.

After the doubloons changes I have done 126 islands, if I consider getting doubloons as nothing, 43 of these runs dropped something, that is roughly an 34% chance to get an item other than coins.

Now, if I go and check the amount of times I have gotten nothing in 126 islands before they applied the 100% bags drop rate, I get I got 77 times out of 126, for a 61% chance of getting something.

If I consider the total amount of islands instead of only 126 runs, I have 102 islands rewarding nothing and 203 dropping at least a bag, which is pretty much a 66% of getting loot, which is pretty close to the previous sample.

Not only that, the chance of getting more than one addition items seems to be much lower too. Before the changes I got 3+ items 8 times, after the changes I have seen it happen only 3 times (comparing 126 with 126 here, not the 305 sample).

So yeah, it is obvious they changed something. Even heroic islands feel like crap these days.

(Kiwì) #12


I don’t have the numbers of doubloons I have gotten out of IEs. But since the patch, I have done 96 IEs. I have gotten 2 quests and 2 pieces of 310 gear. Prior to the patch, I would get 310 gear out of about 1/4 of the IEs I did. I would get a pet out of about 1/3 of the IEs I did. And quests were very rare. I have never gotten a mount.

(Missunknown) #13

Ok, so i am glad (?!) a lot of others have noticed this and are as p*ed off about it as I am.

How stupid can blizz be at this point?! Adding guaranteed dubloons (which in no way shape or form can be used to buy ANY of the pets or mounts or mogs that DROP from IEs) should NOT mean that they are decreasing the OTHER rewards that again YOU CAN NOT BUY WITH DUBLOONS.

Those items are RNG on top of RNG (have the right mobs spawned on the island and at the end are you the % chance that will get something.)

I am sorry but blizzard had a good formula having increased the drop rates along with the proposed guaranteed dubloon buff. There was ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO DECREASE/NERF the drop rates of pets/toys/mounts/mogs.

If they add to the dubloon vendor every single item that can drop (ALL mounts mogs toys and pets) then yes sure the nerf was needed. But untill then blizzard, please PLEASE bring the drop rate back up. Even if it means taking away guarenteed dubloons, cos as it stands now, IEs are completely unrewarding again.

(Hella) #14

Islands really should have a 100% drop rate to give you at least one random thing that Isn’t doubloons after completing an Island. There is so many things you can get from Island expeditions so i don’t see why we cant have this :confused:

(Phaylanxx) #15

Experiencing the same on multiple toons now for at least two weeks. WQ’s also now seem to be “fixed random” and emissary rewards just suck. Something is going on and if not stealth nerfs what is it? Islands should be a lot fun and rewarding to do, but they are getting stale with buzzturds stinginess.

(Lepermessiah) #16

Yeah I have run countless IEs and haven’t got a single mount. I did buy both the Albatross and the Seahorse and have more dubloons than I even know what to do with, at this point. Pretty sure I have about 10 of every pet. :neutral_face:

(Fyre) #17

I got the bat mount recently. Didn’t really want it since I got the better looking store colour version. But at least it ups my count by 1.

Do you hate me? :kissing_heart:

(Orctang) #18

I noticed a severe reduction in everything except now get a bag of Seafarer’s Dubloons at the end of each match.


Noticed the same - it got better for a bit and then lately back to low drops. Islands are so very frustrating - I am really hating them. There are other things I’d like to do in game besides run these darn things over and over and over ad nauseam. This is supposed to be a game (as in fun) Blizz!!! You spend all that time telling us what great stuff will be in BFA and we burn out trying to get even a portion of it…

(Missunknown) #20

Since the resets this week it has gotten worse… literally 20 in a row on 3 toons who all got ZERO. That includes some heroics which “should reward more”. But as someone said zero times zero is still zero.