Island Expedition number of items looted question

(Kirapandora) #1

So now that they have changed what drops, do we have any idea of what controls how many pieces of loot you get?

Is it completely still rng no matter what you do? If you kill no creatures can you still get a few items? Does opening more chest or more rares mean you have more opportunities for loot to drop? Does completing it faster mean you get more?

Everything seems so inconsistent it’s so very frustrating.

(Shelldin) #2

Not sure on the the other parts, but I’m 99% sure that how fast you finish doesn’t effect it.

(Vãrick) #3

Does difficulty even affect it? I got like 3 random transmog pieces just doing my normals to level an alt yesterday. After getting none from 5 heroics to do the quest on my main.

I’ve had 2 pets drop at once from a normal too. Which suggests to me that difficulty doesn’t matter at all.

(Zoumz) #4

They actually released that information, that doing the harder difficulty would have more chance to get drops. As for drops, it’s just a % of everything on the island. So if 90% of the island is dragons, you have way more chance that something linked with dragons drop (there is a list on wowhead). Speed/Kills doesn’t matter. The only thing that doesn’t seem to be linked is the mount surf jelly, that just seem to be a total random drop from any islands.

(Crowlay) #5

Did you finish the island? Pull the lever. Did you win? Pull the lever again. Pretty basic.