Island Expedition new maps and Treasure map

(Zefxiix) #1

Just finished my weekly island expeditions.

  • The new islands are way harder, some of the mobs, curses & poisons are way too high imo. I was doing heroic without too much trouble and now i get insta killed by some mobs, i dont know if it’s intentional but it doesnt feel balanced at all, some of the mobs hit so hard you just can’t do anything but die. So far concerning drops i cant say it’s bettern same rush through the island, same small rewards… no change
  • The treasure map reward : why do i get 310 plate item ?? i’m leather, give me whatever you want but some useless plate item…


I am in the same boat as you! last week i received 20 titan residuum this week i received a 310 Plate Wrist Xmog. The loot table for island expeditions treasure maps needs to be reworked. Maybe throw some more Azerite Power or Dubloons to mix in with the loot table and get rid of the stuff that no one wants to see. Why are a different classes xmog gear available. Even more why are wrists a possible reward for I.E. (Lucrative) treasure maps?!? Wrists are probably the furthest thing from lucrative to obtain during a weekly reward.

(Megynkelley) #3

Yes current islands are really wack. I’ve been spamming them for mounts and pets etc but ive noticed that

  1. Nothing does any damage really, until it 1 shots you, making healers not worth a whole lot.
  2. They desperately need to add DR to players in islands. enemy team attacks me while killing azurite mobs, I get hexed for 7 seconds, then I get slept for 5 (should be DR’d to 2.5 sec) then the npc hunters pet stuns me for 3 seconds, then the npc tank interrupts me, then the azurite mobs disorient chains into me about 3 times. Its completely not fun. That’s just from the ally team attacking us while trying to clear ONE heart of azeroth node. If they added DR to players, and reduced the 1 shottiness of a lot of npc mob abilities, the islands would be ok. Also most of the time caster mobs spammable attack like shadow and frost bolt does almost 13-14% of my health at ilvl 376 per cast. seriously overtuned.

This all goes without saying what a disappointment the enemy team “advanced AI” has been. Its just mobs that take 50% reduced damage, run away from you, and spam 1 ability. They could easily get all the data they need for making real pvp AI with REAL class spells from arena matches I feel.

(Zunde) #4

The 310 Plate item i assume is one of the Transmogs from the island?

I see so many people complaining about getting these meanwhile i’m selling them for 1k - 100k depending on the set.

(Elevate) #5

I’ve done thousands of these things since the expac began and they definitely increased the difficulty.

Pretty impressive how they managed to make something that was already completely unappealing even more unappealing. At least before you felt a slight inkling of excitement when a rare mob you wanted loot from showed up - until you do 800 of the damn things and realized the mount drop rates are probably 0.1% and you could run them back to back for 72 hours and still not get one.

Anyway, they suck. But i’m a masochist and keep clicking on that table, pulling the lever, pulling out my hair.


I feel you here, I want the mount as much as everyone that do isles in hopes of getting them but I know when they overreact and overnerf things my time is well spent somewhere else rather than keep hitting my head on a wall because that’s exactly what they want from players like us…

the more we spend on their nerfed drop rate isles the better they “think” the change was.

(Cattywompus) #7

Im the same boat, I’m at 2550 runs, and I have yet to get one mount. I did just cancel my sub for more reasons than the game being sinkhole anymore. I just want squawks, but I’m throwing in the towel for now. Screw this crap, my wife got me a switch for Christmas, I got good games to slay!

(Melfuriah) #8

Honest question, anyone feel like the damn mythic islands today are harder than normal? I chain ran at least 30 a day last week and before reset today, and my butt is getting kicked.


mobs are overtunned on all difficulties right now and the loot has been nerfed…

I dont suggest doing isles at all until they check what they broke or do heroics.

(Zefxiix) #10

yes agreed. the dots are insane. it’s comparable to M+10 underrot, really. Without a doubt a shortcut to slow us down, because there is NO other valid explanation. and which class benefit from this AGAIN : of course, all the casters, as usual taking it easy 50 yards away from any threats… have you seen ONE getting hit by anything… maybe a tree certainly not a mob


Somehow, the whole BfA seems to get more and more unbalanced. Are they trying too hard to “fix” little things here and there? I reached a plateau now at level 379 with some items at 385, few at 370, and one at 355. This is the same now for over 5 weeks. All the War Fronts, Islands Assaults, etc. overlook the fact that people would like to gradually increase the level and have an easier time in PVE or PVP. But getting the right gear is so random now, often with stats I don’t need (as a hunter, I don’t need Versatility, yet lots of gear in raids have it).
As for the Islands, as an example, the “big” reward at the end, the treasure map, now seems to get you a lousy, low level piece, that is only good for transmog. I don’t give a damn. I am wearing the same look since Legion. Just give me 20 TR and I will slowly but happily collect them and get me some solid gear from the TR vendor.