Island Expedition Editor


I recently had the idea of an Island Expedition Editor for the Island Expedition feature in World of Warcraft. Not only would it bring more content to the game, but it can embrace the creative designers of the WoW community. Along with this, there could be some type of steam workshop that can have this maps published, with a select few that are approved by blizzard, marking them as a “Good” island expedition with an icon that only those maps will get.

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That would be awesome. I use to make maps for all kinds of different games. I doubt blizzard would ever spend the time to make and release a tool kit though.


i just wanted to pitch the idea to any future blizz devs looking at the forums, which im certain they do from time to time, i was also thinking just now, and they could release a series of videos on how to make a good map

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Glad you did. It’s a great idea.


bump for exposure, i really want this


I don’t think you needed to bump considering how slow this forum is.

…but it’s a nice idea. One problem though that I think is more relevant than “can” Blizzard make this toolkit is “should” they? Time and resources aside (because Blizzard has plenty of resources), Blizzard is very much going for a high quality polish approach to developing their games. Making a map in an RTS game is different than making an expedition for WoW. Players will feel the quality difference much faster in an expedition than a SC2 map, which could detract from WoWs overall popularity. For that matter, the current mechanic is 3 random expeditions a week, and that was built so specifically to keep quality up.

With that being said, I’d still like to see custom made expeditions. I’d just be concerned that there’d be too many imbalances that would make it too easy for one faction, and that effectively removes Blizzard’s progress gating to an extent. I hate their gating, but because of that issue, I doubt they’d ever do this. They need to keep progression speed entirely in their control.

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One thing City of Heroes did which was frankly amazing was the ability of players to create scenarios of varying difficulties. I don’t remember what rewards if any there were, but I loved the Ascendant / Saul Rubenstein Scenarios.


i see what you mean, they could auto generate on expedition load the ways that azerite nodes are placed, which i believe is how it is now (because every azerite node/mob placed is in a different area then the last island). it of course will bring the terrain and water into consideration