Island expedition drop rates

(Cattywompus) #1

Is an increase in drop rates from islands so much to ask for? I’ve been grinding these like a mad man since august completing over 2500, and I have yet to land one mount. You guys are losing subs like crazy, I don’t think giving a much needed little boost will break your hamster wheel.

Thank you for your consideration,


(Baltysalls) #2

Do mounts drop from islands? I use them to help level toons so i mostly run normals and i have seen a few pets and tramsmog gear.

(Mcsalty) #3

i belive they might be bugged or somthing ive done about 500 and havent seen one

(Razaria) #4

Remember, rewards also depend on what is invading the islands. For example, you will never loot Squawks without a Pirate invasion.

But… yeah. I’m drowning in tmog and pets but nothing else, personally.

(Cattywompus) #5

I’m well aware of that, my dude! All my runs are done in the weeks with pirates active 0.o at least 2100 of them were.


Agreed they need to up the drop rate but honestly doubt you done 2500 of them lol

(Cattywompus) #7

I froze xp on my 110 DH and I’ve been doing 4-5 minute runs for a few hours a day for a few months.


The drop rate is rediculously low. I grind at least 15 a week and I’m lucky to even get 3-5 dubloons in a run.


I did about 15 or so heroic IE last night and only got dubloons… Still have yet to see anything drop since I resubed a few weeks ago and ran a few each day… I may just have terrible luck but it seems these IEs are very sparse drop wise compared to other activities. Very little incentive for me at this point.


I was reading over the thread and have felt the same as many of you. I have been trying to think of how they could put some of the frustrations at ease. Sure increasing the drop rates helps but it’s still the whole RNG monster that can not be predicted or counted on. I as many have done over 2000 of these. Some days spending 8+ hours straight running them. I have recieved over 200 pets (some duplicate) and lots of x mog gear. I kept saying one more maybe a mount will drop. Ironically last night I was at the very end of my 8 hour session and said OK one more run before bed. In my grp we had dragons and I said in chat hey head over here we have dragons - maybe if we kill them we might get a mount. And no kidding not a dragon mount but the Stonehide Elderhorn mount and the Moose pet were in my bags ! So I can say they do drop. But as rare and off as the RNG can be why not let us save the coins or get credit for how many we get in - win or w/e. Some tally of effort put in as a currency that lets us work towards a group or few choices of mounts. Maybe they could create some that are different than the drops. At least it would give a reward for those who have the unlucky RNG flew. Hope your RNG pays soon. Peace


I’VE BEEN GRINDING AND LOTS OF PETS AND A BIT OF TRANSMOG… nice job on the transmog blizz. THE LACK OF MOUNTS IN REP chests and the pathetic drop rate on islands is killing me. IM STILL FARMING rep RNG mounts from legion. I only have the moose mount. :smile:

And the worse thing is I feel like there is nothing to do in this expansion. The invasions are few and far between. Warfronts I don’t like. DOING the Rares in Darkshore and whatever the other one is called isn’t very satisfying.

I like the warbringers in PANDA. Or TRUE world Bosses like panda. Or the 4 rares in the Jungle of warlords. That have a 33% chance at a mount. Or they drop a token that you can sell. These rewards are much more satisfying

I did the winter spring mount grind when it was really hard. It felt good so grinding out the 1000 duboons is ok, IF the mounts were on a much better drop rate.

It’s such a let down when you do a long island and win it to get nothing.


It’s not that hard to believe, some of us run a ton a day every single day, and islands have been a round for a while now.


Yes I believe people do farm them, I do a fair few myself. I only said it cause the achievement you would have way before 2500 islands wasnt done.

(Cattywompus) #14

The island meta achievement? That requires mythic, and obtaining all the pets. I have around 80% of the pets, but rng is rng, and I mostly do normals on my 110 DH.

(Hazelrose) #15

I am up well over 500 islands now, ran around 30 tonight alone, as I was glad to see Jorundall up.

I have been used to the disappointment of Mount farming/collecting for years, but this is the absolute worst I’ve ever felt about it.

Pretty frustrated, and ready to put the game down for awhile now. Done farming for absolutely no reward.

Let us grind dubs for the mounts. Stop with the rng torture. No one I know has ever or will ever enjoy it. Having goals is much more satisfying.

(Wisskee) #16

These and Legion paragon caches are both bull ****. The time investment is too high. It’s not like running an old raid in 10 minutes.

They should let us pick what island to run. I did 8 straight without getting Jorundall earlier.

(Hazelrose) #17

In the past 2 days I ran 9-10 hour sessions nightly to mount farm (said I wasn’t going to perpetuate it, but I still did, silly me), and managed about 10 Jorundall instances in that time. Of those, only ONE was storm drakes.

I ran about half normal, half heroic. No mounts obviously, and I think perhaps 3 pieces of transmog, and 3 pets.

Sigh. What in the actual? I mean, I don’t always expect something, but considering I’ve done this same 9 to 10 hour grind a TON of times now it would be fantastic to see SOMETHING worthwhile.

Meh, really, we do need a vendor. The RNG is just too much to bear.

(Wisskee) #18

The paragon caches aren’t any better. The world quests take some time and it takes like a week of them just to get a 1% drop rate. Complete BS.


Ran through fair few islands, helping mate lvl doing normals. got mad lucky and Squawks dropped =]