Island expedition design is garbage

(Wasupdude) #1

title says it all

(Baltysalls) #2

Please elaborate to better facilitate the discussion. I find them enjoyable enough for what they are. I liked the scenarios in mop and i feel IEs offer more as a reward.

What is it you dont like about them?


I completely agree even though you gave no reason as to why.

I am not being sarcastic either.


There’s nothing else to elaborate. Nerfing the only interesting things from isles makes it worse.

(Baltysalls) #5

Ok now i knkw what you were talking about. Im am alittle sick of “stealth” nerfing things. Seemed like i never got anything anywaus so i cant say i really noticed,but i was mainly using them to level alts so i only ran normals.


I mean they buffed the mobs on every difficulty with increased loot which is okay…

Now after the stealth nerf we’re left with hard mobs, most of the time repair bills and not even anything to be happy for most of the time on isles no matter the difficulty.

Design wise, they are like a complete april fools joke… overtunned mobs that 1 shot players with most unavoidable skills unless you react quickly which not everyone can do that on pugs.

AI another joke… their CC never DR, you can be silenced for 10 seconds against the draenor team easily as caster this is awful. The AI now constantly chases you no matter what, sometimes you can run but if you team enjoy killing bots you’re stuck there.

The new azerite mobs another joke, the knockbacks, the blinds, the slows, shields and hp.

Everything has been done to slow down the progress on isles on heroic and mythic but the loot is barely noticeable to none… so much for the “the higher the difficulty more rewards” system.

I could go and go… but you get the idea.

(Varrow) #7

Islands are not working. They are not fun, they are super annoying, and everything does way too much damage.

(Lebkuchen) #8

They made the new ones much LONGER physically, thanks for that, and the azerite mobs really are too much. I purposefully avoid them now because they’re such a pain.

Knockbacks, stuns, uninterruptible stuns (thank god I can run away, very heroic of me), and the instant-kill mechanics that I can’t see coming because the mobs are always casting- how am I supposed to tell which ability is going to FLATTEN me without getting FLATTENED?

Thank god I can respawn, eh?

(Wasupdude) #9

it just seems like so much more could have been added to islands. as someone who played them since alpha, i feel like there is huge a lack of innovation. i wish the designer who started this got more time and freedom.


Yeah IEs could have really been something. It really is a shame that it devolved into a glorified trash grind with a really, really low chance at something cool like the mounts.

(Bloodrusher) #11

Needs more random objectives, mob bosses that you just don’t fight that make the island disruptive to be on. Just more interactive things in general that makes every island completely different.


Thank you, very constructive post. The Devs got a lot of good points from it.

(Wasupdude) #13

spoken like someone who hasnt done any islands at all.

let me check your achievs.


not 1 island expedition achieve.

thanks for the troll lol

(Bloodrusher) #14

you could even have those runaway goblins from diablo but something lore friendly. Island expedition just feels like a grind at the moment


Grind that I’m done for now, they will make us wait until 8.1.5 for the new “fix” they give us 1 week of good isles on 8.1 launch just to nerf it the next week because they just can’t find a good way to keep the play metrics up and not be like “we’re too obvious, things arent dropping”.