Is Ythisens hyping up classic with blue post?

Or is just a illusion?

Ythisens isn’t real. None of this is real. You need help.


A remarkable number of people are flipping out over “omg blue posts!” (both for “yay, Ythisens posted!” and for “gah how dare you post without something substantial!”) even though those posts wouldn’t stand out at all from other posts here if they weren’t in blue.


I’m glad to see a Blue post. Ythisens, jump on in, the water is fine (Hides chattering teeth)

Ythisens is my favorite blue!

Can I have an autograph?

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It does seem odd to see a CM acting like just another player nowadays. Maybe he’s just excited himself who knows. Always nice to see community interaction on such a level, they’ve been pretty distant with their playerbase a while now. Although I’ve heard he’s active in the r/classicwow discord as well.

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An illusion? What are you hiding?

(For those who never played Legion, it’s something the Nightborne patrollers say in Suramar City enough to be annoying.)


If I was a CM I’d just be posting YouTube links to Rick Astley and frost shock videos. This dude is a stud.


He/She posts like a human. Not some actiblizzard PR monkey


We get more attention than the Oceanic Forums.
It gives me some hope towards Classic but less hope because I’m an OCE.

A community manager watching the community, woah


The hole must go deeper… I have a manager, so I have a Manager of Community(the team) but I’m a Community Manager.

(repeat joke for each step above)


Who manages the manager?

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I bet you also have a product manager, who doesn’t manage you , but manages aspects of what you do

Who manages the manager of the management?

It’s the only thing they are allowed to do since they got no info to share.

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Is this real life? Is it just fantasy?


A manager of some kind, most likely… but that’s probably just a Red Herring…

The real culprit is dramatic unmasking Tseric!

Of course!.. His dramatic meltdown all those years ago was really just an elaborate ploy to change his name, and work his way up the various managing levels of management managing Management. In a brilliant but insane scheme to capture Pikachu from Ashe and begin his bid for world domination.

And he would have gotten away with it to, if it weren’t for us meddling kids, our giant talking dog, and suspiciously smoking van.

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