Is Xal'atath going to be the final (but can't be defeated/killed) raid boss for Warthin?

Nerub’ar Palace may be like that one raid from Mists where we’re just killing a bug boss corrupted with void magics. No guarantee it’s us fighting Xal’atath right away, she’s not gul’dan for crying out loud

Yeah Iridikron’s supposed home might be a raid… it’s down there supposedly unless all the gossip I’ve heard is nonsense. Us breaking into his house and kicking his butt might happen, not sure if he’ll die or just run away but we’ll see if he’s even a raid boss this soon

I don’t wanna fight Azeroths corrupted soul.

Kinda expect her to end up as a red-herring with the light being the true villain.

What’s made me sweat is I can’t single out the Nerubian queen. :telescope::robot:

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If it helps…I can’t either. Just when I think I can I realize that I might be wrong as there is multiple variants with of each with different outfits. Worse the clear void energy seems to be a weapon and not like…part of them so… unless the queen’s the only one with a void weapon yeah the mystery continues. I mean are we sure it’ll be a queen and not like a king this time?

that or guldan… lol

I really want it to be Magni Bronzebeard,
That way I can beat him and say you can take that champion and…


The first raid from The War Within will be the Nerub’ar palace. This will be an eight-boss raid in Azj-kahet.

This raid will be the culmination of the storyline between the Nerubian Empire, their Queen, and Xal’atath.

…although if we do slay Xal’atath, think she’ll jump to another body? :ghost:

Ah…okay it is like the mists dungeon then…we’re killing another bug queen. As for Xal’atath jumping to another body, maybe but who’s to say atm.

I’d like the final bosses to be

(Nerubian Queen)

Since apparently three raids is the norm now.

It’s unclear who the boss will be, I’m sure by the end of the WSS Sergeras will be free again, but I get the feeling he’ll be a good guy. Xal’atath is almost certainly the final boss of TWW though.

I actually haven’t a clue who the overarching villain of the World Soul Saga will be, but I hope the big big big bad is cool, you know two xpacs from now. I want a well developed villain.

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Technically Garrosh. He won and escaped off-screen, Squirrel Girl style

That’s an amazing plot twist. Magni as the Anduin of the expansion.

He didn’t win the raid fight. The Horde and the Alliance spared him for a Trial. He was spared.

I would prefer Xal’atath to be a raid boss in Midnight, not Warthin, honestly.

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what expansion are you talking about?

well yea…I still got a bucket list to finish why would I let a bunch of murder hobos…murder me

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Oh no I beetlejuiced Xalatath.

i am not meant to be juiced

Ew, no. I prefer High Elves.