Is Tyr a Lightforge Dragon?

Something I always find interesting is going back and seeing some of the “Leaks” that were posted before the expansions’ release and seeing a bit of how much people got “right.”

While leaks are always taken with a grain of salt, some do get closer than others…

One such leak mentioned that Azeroth, or “A titan” was to be born, but it was going to be similar to Leeloo from The 5th Element. A supreme being, but with a lost memory or the mind of a child.

…which seems to have been easily changed to Tyr.

Tyr is a “titan” that we help at a Temple on the Dragon Isles, recover his memory. Which we happen to do so, with a Sliver Dragon Scale…

But there’s no Silver Dragons…

So my question is:

  • Could Tyr end up being a Dragon?
    • Hidden like Ebonhorn.
  • Could a Proto Dragon be forced to become the new “Lightforge Dragon Aspect?”
    • We’ve seen the light be quite forceful in Legion

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Should we consider Heart of the Aspects canon thing inuniverse? It’s a golden cloud serpent but with real wings.

I was thinking about that the other day as I was aimlessly looking through the WoWshop. Like, what is the deal with that Heart of the Aspects? Why is it all “Light” themed, when the Dragons do not really deal with the light? Tyr is a big deal in Dragon lore, and Paladins share that in common. But Dragons do not have a Light based flight or Light based… anything.

I was wondering wtf… maybe it will tie together at some point? Maybe Yrel will come and start Lightforging Dragons and make a new flight?

I mean we know it’s possible now. Tyr’s lab shows primal dragons are highly susceptible to infusion by magical forces. If fire, why not light?

** Possible Spoilers **

** Possible Spoilers **

I know that there was a datamined “5th Dragon” for the Dragonriding feature, and it was the same model as the Heart of the Aspects.


Would Tyr or Odyn maybe capture one of these Proto Dragons we are fighting (after we defeat it?) and force it to become a Light Aspect…

We have Infinite and Twilight Dragons kindof in the background of things…

I don’t think Tyr was a dragon because during Dragonflight we forge a new body for Tyr that’s clearly Titanforged and humanoid resembling images in the archives, and there’s numerous pieces of lore that refer to Tyr’s form.

It’s possible but unlikely that Tyr would be a dragon. If he was just another dragon, how would it benefit him to hide that from the other dragons? How would he have been able to trick them given the magical knowledge of Malygos or the time manipulation of Norzdomu? Wouldn’t Neltharion have found that out when he turned against the Titans and spilled the beans? If he was a dragon more powerful than the Aspects, why not just show up as he is?

Who says a Proto dragon has to be forced to become Lightforged? Nearly every Lightforged character we see did it willingly (Illidan is the only unwilling example we’ve seen :roll_eyes: - which also failed, evidence for Lothraxion leans toward willing and even Geya’rah admitted there were willing converts among the Mag’har), so it stands to reason some dragons would be willing too.

Plus, Odyn is a Titan supremacist, so if he forcibly imbued dragons, I think he’d infuse them with Arcane rather than Light.