Is Turaylon still technically Supreme commander of the Alliance

(Hordehacker) #1

So we know that he was still in charge of the Alliance forces in Warcraft 2 when he lead the armies of the Alliance through the Dark portal.

Could he technically claim back control of the Alliance forces with enough support?

(Treng) #2

No, he isn’t.

(Balrig) #3

No but he should be.

(Etheldald) #4

he is loyal to the wrynn lineage.

he is not the supreme commander anymore, maybe he should.

but in fact, anyone could become that if all the other alliance leaders support him/she.
Sadly blizzard really wants to put anduin as forehead and he already has the support from the other leaders. at least the vast majority.

I don’t want a generic good guy leading the alliance, i want a good guy who is constantly challenged morally and having to deal with different opinions on how to proceed in the war.
but that doesn’t work if every other character calls him king and if they oppose him they would betraying the king they named.

and neither i want him to be the savior of the universe.

(Hordehacker) #5

It would be nice if he reminded the Alliance leaders That it was founded on a rule that no king would rule over the others.

That the position of Supreme commander was created so the Alliance could consolidate its armed forces under a leader that wouldn’t serve a specific kingdom but the Alliance as a whole.

I would love to see him strip Anduin of his High king position and take control of the armies and take the Alliance to war against the Horde like he had done in the past.

(Ximothy) #6


That wasn’t actually a rule, and certainly not one the Alliance was ‘founded on.’

If the Seven rulers agreed on, say, Thoras Trollbane to lead them, he would’ve.

The problem wasn’t that a king wasn’t allowed to lead the Alliance, they just couldn’t agree on which one, since at this point in time, none of the human kings really trusted one another.

Lothar was just their compromise. He was of royal blood himself, so the kings didn’t feel slighted to be passed over for him, being the fact he is of the Arathi bloodline, but he wasn’t another ruler. The original Kings were just too arrogant to accept another ruler to be made the Supreme Allied Commander.

The modern Alliance does not have this issue. They have been through hell and back again. They trust one another, and do not have a problem with one of the rulers being made the leader of the Alliance.

There’s no rule, the original kings were just too arrogant and willful to accept another king to lead them, the modern Alliance rulers are not.

Anduin does have the support of the other rulers though. You really want Turalyon to ignore the wishes of the Alliance rulers and just take the position?

Lothar was made Supreme Allied Commander at the request of the Kings, he didn’t take the role from them.

(Withpuppys) #7

no, the alliance he was supreme commander of, no longer exists, the alliance of lordaeron is gone

(Anyaceltica) #8

No, but Turalyon is the most qualified of current leaders by large.

Which is why the alliance is as interesting as dried clay. They have had any depth or conflict smoothed out to prop up a Warchief equivalent to simplify storytelling.

The very concept of a “high king” debases any sembelence of an “alliance of equals” no matter how many astrelixs Blizzard puts next to it.

(Ximothy) #9

Oh I don’t disagree. I want to like the Alliance more, but the interaction between the leaders is as boring as hell.

Obviously they don’t need to constantly argue or anything, or need to all not get along, but some conflict would be nice.

(Jazia) #10


He might have the most battle experience but that doesn’t necessarily translate to being the best leader for the modern Alliance.

Turalyon was gone a long time.

Azeroth has changed a lot. Culturally, politically, technologically, even it’s terrain has been drastically altered.

(Anyaceltica) #11

It’s no shocker when they’ve gone out and stated that they dont like writing for the alliance and yet are unwilling to write the alliance as anything but lawful stupid overdrive.

In their desperation to give the alliance something to be proud about, they cashed in on the “humans are special” trope. Not realizing it limited their narrative options even further. By defaulting anduin as High King, they’ve turned the Alliance into an empire in all but name.

Even an old general is more useful than an unqualified kid. Historically bringing back retired generals has always been preferable to letting untrained whelps pay the butchers bill.

(Etheldald) #12

maybe most people don’t like that kind of conflict, people hated when jaina send anduin to hell in legion because well, she was being irrational.
But, at the same time the story also makes his way to make anduin somehow right.
more recently, when tyrande also sends him to hell and the alliance (more or less) if you see the comments by example in the video of youtube of that scene, you will see a lot of people being angry at tyrande for being “unlikable” or “irrational” or “vengeful”.
maybe blizzard knows exactly who their majority of audience is, in the alliance.

i blame entirely anduin for this. well, not really, i blame blizzard since he is only a character.

(Hordehacker) #13

Look at the current state of the Alliance I would say not all the leaders Support Anduin. Tyrande has done the equivalent of walking away with support from Genn. Im not sure the dwarves would resent Varian’s interference in their poltical landscape. Jaina as well was unhappy with the situation in Legion, She now commands Kul’tiras and they seem to be the main Military might of the Alliance at this time.

Besides while the Alliance of Lordearon is dead, Stormwind owes its existence to Turaylon and that Alliance and would honor bound to serve them if he asked.

So yes I would like Turaylon to rest control from Anduin and dissolve the stupid High king position.

(Jazia) #14

You said that he was the most qualified out of all the leaders. Not just more qualified than Anduin.

Turalyon wouldn’t know the first thing about the modern Horde and it’s culture.

That would be a big weakness.

(Jazia) #15

The Dwarves are happy with the Council.
Jaina adores Anduin.
Genn adores Anduin.
Velen adores Anduin.
Tyrande didn’t want to wait to take back Darkshore but she wasn’t cursing him either.

There is no coup happening anytime soon.

(Anyaceltica) #16

And going by the current progress of the alliance war effort, neither do the rest of its leaders.

I’m sure Turalyon can come up with better strategies than drowning the Horde in bodies.

(Jazia) #17

The Alliance is winning the war.

And Turalyon is already one of Anduin’s advisors.

(Etheldald) #18

that is exactly the problem.
maybe when tyrande finds out about his release of saurfang tyrande can start a coup and maybe ask support from other leaders.

(Ximothy) #19

Diagreement doesn’t mean someone has to be irrational.

Like, the Anduin and Tyrande disagreement. Neither side is really wrong, but it’s still inner turmoil. Neither side is painted in a negative light, but still have different priorities.

Disagreement and inner turmoil doesn’t have to be the same as disrespect, or one side being wrong.

(Hordehacker) #20

yes the Dwarves are happy but that was one king imposing laws on another.

Jaina may adore Anduin, However doesn’t mean she can’t disagree with on how he is running the war. Especially considering she was once in his shoes and is aware that his way of thinking is wrong.

Genn also adores Anduin but constantly argues with him about how he handles the war and has outright disobeyed him in legions by attacking Sylvanas.

Again Tyrande may like Anduin as well. but she has actively pulled her forces and Genns from the overall war effort because she doesn’t agree with his reasoning.

In Warcraft 2 when it was found out that the horde was attacking the Sindorei. Lothar split the armies and sent half with Turaylon to assist them. He didn’t tell the High elves they will get to it later after their home was destroyed.