Is Torghast Replacing Mythic Plus?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

M+ will still exist.

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That’s a shame…

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Not for the many many hundreds of thousands who enjoy it. No need to pee on my candle to make yours look brighter.


M+ is so played out by now, in Legion when it was brand new it was only slightly above a mediocre experience

Main reason I skipped 80% of BFA is because blizzard keeps investing more and more into M+ which really is like a Diablo feeling experience that most people I know in-game have ZERO interest in participating in except for chest rewards which could be moved to any other activity in the game.

The few people who actually claim to enjoy this crap are the ones selling carries. As I earlier stated no one wants to actually do the content as designed because it’s not enjoyable. In fact it’s so unenjoyable most would rather pay someone to do it for them (often with real money through tokens) just so they can avoid playing it lol.

Every person who does keys above 15 is doing it because they want to not for the gear. That’s a lot of people. To claim that

Is laughable


There are no words in the English language to summarize how absurdly dumb these statements are.


There will be always be people who hate certain forms of content but mythic + seems to be well liked by the majority of the player base

Unfortunately if you are against it you are part of a small vocal minority