Is this server good/consistently populated?

i’m looking for a server to start a new alli toon on with my friends and i kind of dug the idea of doing it on an rppvp server rather than just a pvp one this time. is horde overly oppressed on this server or is there more of a balance in pvp? i’m not really into curbstomping the opposite faction as much as having a balance between the two.

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There is a bias to the Alliance (about 60/40 or 65/35) however it is not like some servers where Horde presence is non-existent in the open world.

In fact, the Horde mostly dominated Silithus during the 10 hour war.


There is more Alliance here, but the Horde is not oppressed.

The community here is fantastic, with a lot of good communication between the factions, and cooperation between guilds.

It is a small community, so be prepared for the need to actively seek out people and make connections. If you roll Horde, there is a good network among many of the guilds to help leveling folks get what they need to succeed.

Feel free to reach out to me or any of the guild leaders for assistance in getting settled in!

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I think the pvp balance feels better than the numbers would lead you to believe. Alliance has more people, but alliance also has more people who just raid log and sit in IF all the time. With the exception of BRM on raid days, balanced. I’m just as likely to run into alliance as horde in most areas.