Is this now the forum where topics come to die?

(Varrow) #1

Class silence has been deafening. It was some nice efforts in the late beta, but we need more. What’s going on with talent balance? Why is the GCD change so inconsistent? What about the myriad of gameplay concerns that have been brought up constantly? Are we going to see significant updates in 7.1.5?

(Belerian) #2

To be honest: I nearly quit the game, til 8.1 brought the Empyrean Power trait for ret, which once again made the class somehow enjoyable for me. And now I’m really afraid to call for other things (making EP baseline, for example or changing dead talents), because I have the feeling if I demand to much, Blizz is going to f*** the spec up again.
That’s how far we have come. Staying under the radar.

(Masoschism) #3

There’s only so many ways we can say the same thing in a one-sided conversation.

(Bertimus) #4

Agreed. There has to be something further for us to work off of. A simple “Hey, here’s the direction we’re trying to go” would go a long way. Or acknowledging obvious problems, whether you have a solution yet or not. Just so that we don’t have to assume that you’re satisfied with our broken specs.

BSing with people in GD is not “improved communication”. Actually engage in a conversation with us. Listen to your players that have a decade of experience with the specs.

(Varrow) #5

This is a big point to me. Like, yes, they need to BS too. But there also needs to be a lot of real info/talk going out as well.

(Bluedrop) #6

I’ve kinda lost all hope. Expect more pruning in the next expac

(Nariala) #7

They’ve adopted the “we are right, you will see, just wait for us to change more things to make this bad thing better. its all part of some nebulous plan we won’t lay out because we actually don’t have one” strategy.