Is this a fun server?

I took a break from retail and played a lot of classic wow recently on a rp pvp server.

I made a new character on this server cause I want to rp and I just really miss the community feel of wow after quitting classic.

Is this a good server to play on? I’m horde atm

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I think so. Subjective question though - what are you looking for? In terms of RP it’s pretty populated and you can find a lot of RPers in Orgrimmar and Silvermoon (and Stormwind and SOMETIMES Boralus on Allyside), as well as guilds in the WrA Information & Directories (Guilds | Communities | Events) thread. There’s also a good amount of PvE and PvP, though obviously not what you’ll find on larger realms dedicated to that. The primary focus of this realm is RP, and I reckon there’s a good bit on both factions.


Indeed, a subjective topic.
I enjoy it, more or less. Activity seems later in the evening, though that may be due to that I’m two hours ahead of the server and cant stat up late.
Moon Guard is also active, though they are their own crazy and seems theres more lore-bending than WrA. But to each their own.

Going to piggyback off Sarestha here and also encourage you to check out the forums, Discord, Tumblr, and other social media so you can be aware of all the public RP events going on every week.

Wyrmrest Accord Social Hub Discord

Warcraft Neutral Events Discord

Warcraft is a Stage Discord

The above also maintains a community calendar!

And then there’s Tumblr pages that do nothing but post and repost events.

I’ve been playing and RP’ing off and on in WoW for a long time, but the past couple of years of diving deeply into RP, doing all these events, and getting to run into the same people in different places has been the most fun I’ve had in the game in a while!


IDK. I mostly sit with groups of night elf refugee NPCs in Stormwind and RP complain about how long it’s been since I’ve eaten a salad.


The server is fun.

So, to elaborate since I recall seeing lots of threads on the subject. To properly experience it, you do need to immerse yourself in the communities. Both Alliance and Horde side have normal social gathering rps that do happen on a fairly regular schedule. While walk up RP is fun, you need to think of them more like an appetizer, with the main courses being the bigger social events and guild RPs being engaged in.

I’m not hating on city RP, since city RP is often how you in fact find guilds who then lead to juicy guild RP, so it’s role is important. You just need to be keen and recognize if you desire to attain RP on a regular basis, then you should not wait on another to intiate. Pro-activity in the RP scene leads to good things (unless your a Kor’kron RPer. Then it does not.)

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This server is awesome!


I am on this server so by default the answer is YES!

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I am also thinking of moving here. I am on AD horde which is too dead for words. I toss up between WRA and A52. I enjoy RP, but is not a huge seller for me. However, I tend to enjoy the communities on RP servers.

I have alliance toons on Stormrage, and fear A52 will just be the horde version of that server: lots of spam in the Globals.


I am going to post the same thing here I did before for someone asking about joining this server because it’s not all great on WRA. I have be honest and If I could and had the money, I’d transfer all my toons off of WRA (I make it a point to stay the hell away from Moonguard as well). I’ve played here for a long time, over 10 years or so and after all the people I have met and roleplayed with for years I have come to one conclusion: Most people on this server will leech so much of your energy. Even if you want your interactions to be strictly IC (in-character) that OOC drama will come knocking at your door real quick. And trust me, I’ve witnessed some sick and horrible things in my time, a lot of which I wish I could forget. I’ve joined guilds, lead guilds, rp’d on both alliance and horde.

Idk what it is with people on RP servers, and even though it’s not everyone, maybe not even a majority (I hope.), if you’re there long enough, you’ll start to question people’s sincerity at every turn. People spend more time there engaging in OOC (out of character) drama more often than actual RP. I’ve come to think some people enjoy the drama more than the game itself. Don’t believe me? stay there a while and observe. Guilds rise and fall quickly every other week or month, basically being torn apart by internal politics over the silliest things, even stuff not related to their rp. Some guilds do persist, but they are small, closely knit and stay the hell away from the majority of the server population. (with the odd interactions here and there.)

My advice? Go to one of the smaller rp servers, maybe there you’ll find some good folks, maybe. And stay away from any form of ERP. World’s filled with degenerates, liars and emotionally unstable people and they looooove to hang out in RP servers and ERP is the only driving force behind their character. It’s disturbing and it’s almost sickening how people try to normalize that.

And yeah I still play on WRA (Not by choice), I got maybe a handful of friends who play there as well but I stay away from everyone else and just play the game casually because I’ve lost faith and trust in people there and don’t engage in rp unless it’s with one of two people in a tavern someplace and even then I don’t stick around for long.

On the flip side there are good people there as well, but you’ll realize there a litte more on the quiet side. which just makes the entire server look bad.

Whatever the case, whatever you chose, I hope your experiences will be better than mine. Just watch yourself. Many are gonna argue against my rant but I’d rather be honest with ya. As for me, I’ll see how fast leveling is in SL and if I can I’m gonna start out someplace else. I’ve spent enough time in this madhouse.

Best of luck to you and anyone else coming here. Hopefully the place changes for the better.


This guy’s right. The social quality of the server has died down substantially over the past 5 years. RP quality is kinda there, but hard to say if it justifies coming here.

I mean, you can roll a toon here and explore it for yourself, but I’d strongly encourage doing as much research on this server as you can before you pay a transfer. and I mean STRONGLY.

This dude is mad that we objected to his sexual assault joke, so I’m not sure he’s the best judge of a server’s social quality.

Wyrmrest Accord is one of the two “big” RP servers, and it’s the one that has the more substantial Horde population, so this place is probably your best bet if you’re looking to RP.


The server, as any, is what you make of it. Even more generally speaking, same kind of goes for the game itself.

Alliance is a lot quieter than it is normally and in comparison to the Moon Guard neighbour, not/never as active. Horde’s down too just because of end-of-expansion rhythm, but still more active and lively than Alliance right now.

I love this server OP and have a hard time imagining not being on it.

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Sure. Knock yourself out!

We have plenty of fun even with just walk ups. If you come round, let us know and I’ll try to RP with you sometime!


Depends on what you’re looking for.

I’ll be frank: I came from Cenarion Circle about 10 years ago and this server has never really felt like home to me. I’ve never been able to find an RP guild (I dislike racially-based RP guilds and that’s what most are here-- which is a big big contrast from the server I came from, where most guilds weren’t racially-based but more theme-based) or fit into this community well (at 40, I think I’m just too old and too busy to break into the cliques like I once could/had the time and energy for) . I kind of regret transferring except CC is dead and all my friends left the game years ago (which was why I transferred).

HOWEVER-- again, it depends on what you’re looking for. You, like a lot of folks, very well may love this server and have a ton of fun here, so don’t let anyone’s opinion stop you–good or bad. Roll some alts and mess around for a while and decide if it’s a good fit.

Like a lot of social groups, you get what you give. I’ve noticed that its been harder to find a niche, but I know its because I’m not putting in the maximum amount of effort. If you’ve got the time and drive, I think WrA can be a great place. I’ve made some INCREDIBLE friendships here. That being said, sometimes WrA can take itself a little too seriously. I think it’s worth a shot. Good luck.