Is there still a chance to get 2500 rating?

I’d say yes. I was around a similar rating when I started my push and was able to finish it off in about a week. Pushed all my Tyran keys to 16-17 over two days then had a whole fort week to get those to 18-19s with a single 20 SBG sprinkled in.

Blue post says until season 2 starts, everything is staying but till 9th title and achievement for title(top 0.1%) is going away 2nd.

Does anyone know how we get the M+ tier recolor and elite set?

Ah yea your right i didnt read the bottom

The blue post specifically says you can earn M+ rewards and achs until May 9th, just not Thundering Hero. What you quoted is related to PvP.

You can but it’s going to be alot of hard work and luck. Seeing that you dont really tank means you’ll have to push your own key because you will find yourself having a hard time getting into pugs if you’re queueing their keys which is where luck comes in as you push your own key and hope you get the right key. You’ll need to time every key to a +18 on every key this week since it’s the last fort week. And you’ll need to time +19 on SBG and probably CoS and rest +18 next week

EDIT: Dragonflight Season 1 Ending Soon
Looks like you have another 2 week to do it. So you have 1 more fort week as well

Assuming you mean the extra tmog? You’ll get that by getting 2500IO

I just timed 18 jade temple. 2317 now. I dread ruby and nokhud thought, not looking forward to them. And COS groups seem to have trouble for some reason timing an 18, got that untimed now.

You still have time, but push as far as you can today. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Some 18s timed and if possible some 20s would help make it easier.

RLP isn’t hard. It’s just pure mechanics. But yea I guess at +18 it’s a hit and miss w/ people.

NO is very generous in time. Only real hard part is the adds before 3rd boss.

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You got this, homie.

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The add phase on last boss is what Ive experienced to wipe party most. If even one of them starts firing off their cast, people start dropping.

No the M+ recolors of their own like the pvp get.

In NO? It’s usually a lust part and just interrupt them and run them to the tank. The annoying part w/ pugs is lack to chain cc’s. But you can help w/ that by rotating your stun and fear sigil

I dont think M+ have 1. We have the same color as the raid set

I mean…I been told you.

8 days? May 9th is more than 8 days, buddy.

Can you still make progress on your score, up until the ACTUAL day of 10.1?

I thought it was like … it ends at the end of next week, and then there’s like a week where nothing happens. The scores just “settle out” so to speak.

Or is that just PvP?

It’d be stupid of them to end it a week early and have nothing for a whole week. I don’t understand why they keep pulling this sh*t.

According to the blue post you can get the achievements until before season 2 starts

I can’t find a solid answer. One wowhead post says it ends the week of may 2nd. Another says you can still earn rewards. Blizzard, as always, isn’t being clear.