Is there any way to 'catch up' in TBCC in the current stage?

Hey, just wondering if there’s any way to catch up right now or if I should just call it a day.

I want to play horde, I only have Alliance characters, so I’d be starting from 0 or 58.

Also what classes would be in highest demand? I’ll play anything, I just want to see BT/SWP

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Id say shaman is a, safe bet.

Raids only really go with 1 of each but i constantly see people looking for boomies or spriests

So you think druid would be a safe bet? Because I want to main a druid in Wrath Classic.

Although deep down I hope they listen to us and release at least 1 fresh server during Wrath’s launch.

I think so.


is the safest bet and gives the most flexibility of any class

most raids want 1-2 Enhance 2 Ele and 1-2 resto 5 Shamans are always wanted but 6 is ideal no other class has that much class and spec parity.

Moonkin only 1 (and you might be asked to go dreamstate which is probably the most unrewarding spec to play in TBC)
Spriest 1-2 at best

If you can show your not a 1 month quitter most guilds will be willing to pick up a shaman gear it quickly through SSC/TK (3 tokens per can fully gear in a single run). Especially now though if you want a good guild probably have some reason why your not currently guilded good guilds are shying away from people who quit after 1-2 months now even Shaman aps.

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need many shamans for sunwell…

Attunements through T5 are gone so getting to 70 is all you need. If you pick a lively server you should be able to get level 70 dungeon groups formed to get decent gear to get into other raid content. So totally doable because of that, but you will want to prioritize the T6 attunement stuff as soon as possible.

I definitely would recommend a shaman as an easy choice since they’re so popular for what they bring. You play an spriest or boomy and you are not playing a class that most guilds are stacking.

Are ele even wanted in Sunwell? In a similar position now and don’t want to pick a spec that is going to be garbage tier later. All the guild recruitment seems to be for resto and enhance

It’s likely they’ll still want 1 for the caster totems, but honestly I couldn’t tell you if it’s going to be in demand then. I can only tell you that it’s wanted now, but likely the one slot is filled by other people.

Enhancement is usually 2, and Resto as many as needed. Bloodlusts and totems are very powerful, but Elemental falls well behind - Enhancement does as well, but the DPS boost to melee is tremendous, as well as threat generation for Warriors.

How long does it take you to level?

BT/Hyjal are endgame for 2 phases. Guilds will still run BT even in phase 5 for glaives. I imagine the people who are raiding now won’t need every slot by the time you finish levelling, and spots will open up due to attrition as they always do.

While true, I know a Boomkin who doesn’t speak English, is blind and deaf, and instantly got gobbled up by a new guild when he left ours. Then he got gkicked from that guild and instantly grabbed again. This goes on for a few more guilds.

Now while he is a horrible player, the point I’m trying to make is that no one plays Boomkin or spriest. While their spots are “more” limited compared to Shamans, there is drastically way more Shamans than there are Boomkins or Spriests.

I really don’t think you could go wrong with any of the 3 though.

Edit: I’m kind of dumb and always said blind and deaf in my guild, but the player is deaf and mute. My b bois.

How can a blind and def person play wow?

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Forget about how easy it is to raid, or how people don’t run dungeons anymore, or how most people fill slots with alts instead of new players, or that you basically have no server identity to get any kind of loot prio.

It’s about the fact that you’ll essentially need to farm up 10k gold to afford everything before swapping into raidlog mode.

Shaman any spec
Druid resto and moonkin
Warlock (raids stack warlocks)
Hunter (raids stack hunters)

The way to catchup is leveling a shaman to 70 and all stuff will be handed towards you without question.

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easyer then ever, go shaman everyone needs shamans. If you have a little gold its even easy cause everything its dirty cheap on gdkps(you dont need to spend anything btw it just makes things go wayyyy faster).

I actually messed that up my bad. He’s deaf and mute.

I always just said blind and deaf because i’m kind of dumb.

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Boomkin and spriest are mediocre as hell, imo. You’d probably be more wanted as a healing priest. All 3 specs of shaman are highly desirable.

Be good and it doesn’t matter what you play. That said, don’t try and be melee right now.

Some fights really need 5 shaman. Even 3 resto is ok. My guild is always looking for shaman and paladins (that aren’t prot), but we end up with druids. We’ve sometimes had 6 druids in a raid. It works, but not ideal. Seems to be a lot of druids.

A raid has no problem with 5 shaman, 4 warlocks, or 4 hunters. No other class has that much representation in a raid.