Is there any alliance guilds on this server?

I only see [H] posts constantly.

Nice troll

Because we’re playing the game

Says a blood elf. lol

In all seriousness, our server is great. We are horde heavy a bit, but we are way more balanced than many other servers. There’s tons of alliance guilds here.

Just come roll an alliance toon and and see for yourself. Welcome to the server!

Lol I’m Horde BFA Alli Classic for paladin

We use Discord to recruit.

Horde are boomers.

Interesting that you would say this, considering you used to spend hours and hours sitting in Tanaris naked ganking level 40’s.

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Yeh those were great times

Almost as good as the times when you and your guild used exploits in BRM?

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Oh snap. He busted out the logs on someone who:

Couldn’t care less about logs
Is still better than him on the logs anyway.

Seriously though. If I had exploited like you and your guild does, perhaps then my performance might be up to your standard.

Your standard being an exploiter, I mean.

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When your only defense to being called an exploiter is to pull logs… yikes.

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It’s even more amusing when you pull logs and attempt to disparage someone who is better than you by every viewable metric available.

bro u r flaming this man

Parses still have nothing to do with Envy allegedly exploiting though. You’re pretty silent on that one. You can look my parses up to trash me now, til you realize you cant.

You still here thumping your chest over logs?

You are an exploiter. You can come here and attempt to act as if it’s no big deal, but evidence exists to support that call out.

This is exactly the definition of exploiting.

Hey man I appreciate the heads up. Considering your guild exploits, your clear times and “lolparses” mean absolutely


Thanks for playing. Less cheating in the future please.

This is my favorite sentence you produced. Being a big ol one button rotation guy who has done pretty much the first raids on this server makes you any less of an exploiter.

parses never have and never will matter, same with clear times. sooner you accept that the sooner you can move on to being a better person

just stopped by to say that

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@Melbu, that’s basically my point though. The Envy guy attacked Sambouki on his parses instead of defending/proving the exploit allegations wrong.

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People who beat their chests over WCL make me laugh. Even then, it seems silly to attempt to disparage someone who has a 99 parse on every single BWL fight. Like what?

It was completely irrelevant to the fact that Envy utilizes exploits.

If you cheat, you literally have nothing worth hearing to say on any subject matter ever.

It would be impossible for me to ever value anything anyone from Envy has to say, because they are cheaters.

says the guy with only a 98 parse on Nef.
I suggest you learn to melee weave.

Well played sir.