Is there an Addon


From the looks of things Adibags lets you group things together (potions, equipment, etc) so I can see why that would have appeal.

(Annastasi) #7

Yep! It’s nice I can create my own custom groupings.

Pet battle stuff, travel, raid supplies, gear sets, etc

(Lunkel) #8

I use Arkinventory. One of my favorite addons ever.



(Fookí) #10

if you’re losing things across several toons, i recommend one called “altoholic”. once you open all your bags and banks, you track track/search for anything across the board, even xrealms and factions.

(Armàgeddon) #11

Elvui places makes the bags one big bag.

(Akston) #12

I will readily admit this is my stance on probably 1/4th the add ons I use right now. I know at some point I compared my options, and that is the one I picked. I don’t remember why now, though. I am just trusting my judgement of back then.

Considering how many bad choices I’ve made in my past, maybe I should re-evaluate my add ons.


Cool, but it’s just my main, I uh… tend to take awhile before I head to the bank or AH :sweat_smile:

(Fyre) #14

LiteBag is the one I use. Simple and customisable and does exactly what I need it to with without the unnecessary bloat that a lot of other bag addons have. I use it in combination with BagSync so I can see everything across all toons.

(Chrace) #15

I’ve never liked the one big bag thing. I have to have my bags seperated.


I need an addon that keeps me from vendoring my Dragon Fishing Pole.
Lord god. Ive sold that thing like 4 times I think.


I used to but I just loot so much stuff hehe


And Addon like that would be nice too.


+1 for Adibags

I used to use ArkInventory, but one of the updates lost all of my settings that I took a lot of time to set up. So I switched to Adibags since it already had decent pre-made categories.

I’m amazed that WoW is still using using its god-awful, unorganized, 5-window bag UI. I find it frustrating to play without a bag addon.

(Shadina) #20

There’s Bagnon, Adibags, and I think another one is called Combuctor or something. However, I recommend Bagnon. And if you’re a user of masque and OCD like I am, Bagnonfacade will let you also customize said bag’s slots.


Probably because that’s how the inventory system is set up and how it advances, you have 5 backpack slots and acquire/switch 4 of them.


Im surprised we dont have some way of locking our bags. Just a toggle that will let us set a slot or item in the bag so it cant be sold.
Yeah, I need to watch my own inventory, but it still should be a feature this late in the game.

(Shadina) #23

It’s not only that, but WoW traditionally and historically has had one of the worst UI set-ups, bags included. It’s why so many addons exist. That, and how long the game has been around. But the conveying of even the simplest information is done poorly through WoW’s stock UI.

The new actionbars were / are an attempt to consolidate things a bit and make it so one can see their shenanigans a bit more clearly, as an example.


slowly turns to FF11, eyes widening in horror

(Rhielle) #25

For me Adibags just made me angry. LOL

I wanted to be able to put stuff where I wanted it, not where the addon wanted it. So I went back to Bagnon. Hehe.

I am curious about this LiteBag though. I shall have to check that out. I went on a spree of swapping addons from high CPU usage ones to lower ones. It’s made a lot of difference in my game performance.