Is there a worse feeling?

than dying with a fresh Icy Veins? It’s the most unforgiving death in the game. 3 mins of being worthless. Frost isn’t even a spec without IV, and barely one with it. Also, how bout some nerf revisions. Mage is down bad compared to the meta.


Yeah when veins is rolling with 9 sec left, the pull ends and the tank goes “sec”


Yeah icy veins is quite demanding, you need to learn to pop it at the right time or you will become the weakest class/spec in the game


It’s a pretty degenrate playstyle and while it can feel good to keep it rolling, it is as you say and Frost barely feels like a functioning spec with 100% uptime. Here’s hoping they drop that playstyle with the expansion and look at fixing the underlying issues with Frost (and the other specs).


Are you crazy lol IV is one of the weakest CDs all we get is haste other classes get huge dmg buffs and we do really good dmg without necro or IV up unlike other classes who do bad dmg unless CDs are up