Is there a way to find what server

An old, deleted character is on? I have an old Vanilla era character I tried to play several times but just never got into her. I know I did a name change at one point but I know I had to use special characters which makes it even more difficult. Add in I have 4 WoW accounts under my account and I am kinda lost. Also have paid to move account many times over the years. :frowning:

Just hoping there is a way to find her without having to go through each server on each account to find her

Given the number of licenses and accounts you have - and number of deleted characters, that is going to be a nearly impossible task for us unless you can remember more information. What race/class? Approximate level? When you say you moved them - to another, or just between licences?


I kinda figure it might not be doable.

Was a human rogue. Originally named ravenrose, name changed to Blackwidow (used special characters - probably on a, i or o). All same (but might have moved between WoW licenses)

If this helps, she also had the “Private” PvP title if I remember correctly. One of the few I actually earned a title on

I think I found where she started under Ravenrose. Created 10/6/2006. But I’m not finding where she went, it’s been a very long time. Was originally on your license with your full name. You have 4 licenses on this Battlenet. I’m not seeing a rogue that looks like it could be this character. Are you certain you didn’t transfer to a license on a different or move a license to a different

A GM might be able to access more than I can - that would be the place to start. Hopefully they don’t bump into the deadend I have. If you moved it off this, that is important. I originally found her on Hellscream - moved to Dalaran under the same name. I’m also not seeing anything on these 4 that looks anything like Blackwidow.


Thank you!


I am so sorry I couldn’t track her fully down.

Hopefully that start will help.