Is there a reason to stay in a losing BG?

Sure, for conquest points there are easier/better methods of getting it (Islands, warmode quests, etc). But not honor points. The best way to farm honor points is thru bgs, and losses give almost nothing. I’m not aware of any other more efficient way to farm Marks of Honor, either.

In any case, the average PvE’er that is signing up to a random bg is most likely there for the reward(s), so it makes sense why they might bail on a bad/losing team.

Even most PvP’ers are just there for the conquest points/reward, judging by all the “just need 50 more conquest for my new helm” and “i just want my BoTE” comments I frequently see in the chat.

Most players expect to be compensated/rewarded (with something) for their time, that’s just the way it is.


Leaving bgs is no different really then throwing or afking at bases {like my last bg was} if people want to leave then leave so be it what we have is fine now.

If you have a macro for AFKing out of bgs, probably no.

Other people might be more considerate that another player gets their queue wasted when they get pulled into an in-progress, losing bg to fill the empty spot.

“Comp stomp” is a perfect example, would PvE’ers even bother with it or be making all these crying threads about it if it gave 0 honor/rewards? I doubt it :joy:

Luckily that brawl was removed.

if youre playing BGs primarily for loot, then youre doing it wrong

PvP is more about the journey than the destination

sure, there will be times when your team are steamrolled.

if you’re getting farmed at the GY, encourage peeps to run off and stay in ghost form until the opposite faction give up waiting (they generally wont wait long once they realise you’re not gonna give em free kills). gg


How does staying in a losing BG with 9 other losing people show any kind of respect?

If you’re losing because of your teammates, they don’t deserve respect.

If they’re losing because of you, they deserve a better teammate to replace you.


Staying in a losing Epic BG as alliance is called The Norm. You get use to it. Still the best way to gain honor levels.

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Actually, it’s not. The honor is only good from wins, which are not easy to get with Alliance pugs.

I got a chuckle out of this, +1 :laughing:

Was that the one where Ally managed to break the gate about 20 secs before we did but then we easily won the DPS race in the end ?

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Well I don’t play both sides and only queue epics, so unless you can inform me what is a better way because as of now im pulling 2, maybe 3 levels a day of straight epic queuing in 7ish hours.


I am trying to figure out who you are on horde side, I see a lot of names every day but I thought I saw you say you pvp as a boomkin, what class do you play on?

I am used to winning, so I cannot relate to your statement.

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Unless you have multiple accounts, your stats show you barely touching epics, which is what my statement pertained too. /shrug

Blizzard doesn’t keep track of Ashran but I do

335 completed
48 wins


This account was made at the end of last year. So my stats are all within a 8 month period.

Indeed, I do not often participate in Epics anymore. This does not change my statement about being used to winning.

Never suggested otherwise. Did you use to pvp as a warrior under the name of Herc?

A variation of Herc, yes. I name change toons based on what my main is, so when I adapted to rogue in early WoD I gave him the Herc name and changed my warriors name to Hirc.

I don’t play the warrior anymore though.

Oh man I use to pvp with you back in the day in MoP lol. I thought that was you.

I’ve found that spamming little bgs is actually faster - if you are geared and can consistently get wins/carry in them.

These guys that afk their way thru Alliance epics (and I’m sure you know exactly “the usual suspects” I’m referring to) make no sense to me… trading 40-45 minutes of their day for 600-700 honor from an epic bg loss :man_facepalming:

Meanwhile, during that same 40-45 minutes spent in that epic bg loss, you could have done like 3 little bgs for even more honor points than the 1 epic bg loss.

Alliance epics are amazing honor/per hour, the “problem” is actually getting wins consistently. Unless it’s IOC or Wintergrasp defense, it’s fairly difficult to get wins with Alliance pugs (lots of incompetence, splitting up, etc). If I zone in to AV or Wintergrasp offense as Alliance, I pretty much “expect” that it will be a loss before the match even starts.

If you are playing epics for ~7 hours, then yes, you’ll probably get lots of honor points regardless (just due to sheer amount of time /played).

Does this mean you /afk on load screen? Why would you waste your valuable time?!