Is there a reason to stay in a losing BG?

Because rn I am just instantly clicking my /afk macro to leave any losing bgs.

You dont get echoes, you dont get marks of honor unless you get ultra lucky and that’s just one mark, so it there any point even wasting your time in a losing bg?

Blizzard really needs to incentivize people staying cuz I see no reason to waste my time in a losing battle for no reward.


I once backfilled into a losing Ashran, but turned it around and made it a win.
The reason to stay in a losing BG is to turn it into a WIN.
You stay because otherwise a BG is won the moment one side appears to be “winning.”


The only people who stay in losing BGs are gambling addicts who justify their addiction with sunk cost fallacy.


…or those that realize that rewards even for winning battlegrounds are so mediocre that they do it for the spirit of competition and the love of PvP.


WG is one of the bg, where I have no issues to AFK out. If you are on O, and get destroyed at Sunken, you pretty much know, you will be in a losing bg for about 20 plus min. One time, there was a situation where we lost at sunken, and managed to win, but that situation is so rare. Or Ashran on Alliance side, if you behind 40 resources, can you come back sure, but it is very very rare.


Good, keep afk’ing out. Your constant deserter debuff means I am less likely to get your useless self on my team :+1:


the reward is to incentivize you to work for a win, not hop games waiting for a win to be given to you with no effort.


I ve been successfully getting a ton of echoes by semi afking epic bgs as horde since we have like 90% win rate, no point wasting my time if it is one of the few rare losses.

It is the most efficient way.

the irony here being that you don’t understand why the epic win rate is what it is.

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Or people who actually have a little respect for others and dont actively screw people over. You would know much about that though.


Sure if you afk out of all the losing epics , you can have a 100 percent win rate :joy:

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Not remotely true :roll_eyes: way to be a drain on society though. I have yet to see a good post by you on any forum lol

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He’s right though, regardless of what you are farming (whether it’s honor points, marks of honor, conquest points), staying in a loss is a very inefficient way to do it. The most efficient way to farm these things is obviously getting wins, and preferably fast wins.

With regards to conquest points (specifically), you literally get 0 for sitting thru a loss :joy: Honor points are not much better, you might get 200-400 honor points for a loss… maybe 500ish for a longer loss. Either way, not worth it for anyone that that has a brain and actually does the math (time spent-to-reward ratio).

Not sure why anyone would deny that wins are the most efficient way to get PvP rewards… that’s some serious cognitive dissonance right there :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I get that you are trying to virtue-signal or fish for ‘likes’, but factually losses are the least efficient way to farm PvP-based rewards.

I won an IoC last night that looked like a sure win for Alliance. Horde didn’t give up. Started with only three healers ended up with double the healers and a beast DK.

Alliance won hangar and capped base flag first and still lost.

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I usually am the one giving directions and I have three criteria to when I afk out of a battleground

  1. Anybody on my team from Ragnaros

  2. My team does not respond to clear and easy to follow instructions on how to win

  3. if I get Eye of the Storm or Seething Shore.


Nah, man.

I have eight or so 120 characters. I’ll just take the deserter on one and then queue with another one and be useless on that one too. I have enough 120s to make it a non-ending stream of uselessness.


If you’re doing bgs for echos or marks or anything really you’re doing it wrong. Wins or not wins. Literally every other game mode is more rewarding. How about signing up for bgs to PvP? Not screwing other peoples que times over?

Try and rationalize it all you want man, it makes no sense to me.

It’s wrong to do, but shopping for wins using alts to bypass deserter buff is the most efficient way to do BGs if you are just looking for the reward (mainly conquest) on multiple characters.

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Lol like just go spam double dps 2s with a buddy? It’s more rewarding much more quickly for all those things. As it always has been. So if that’s what you’re after go do that? If you’re interested in PvP maybe pvping and not being lame or wasting other people’s time.

Yup should honestly be account wide at this point. Same with the pve one. Virtually every other game has leaver penalties. If people don’t have the mental fortitude to make it past the first team fight they should go do some other form of content that is less draining.

People that AFK out of matches after their team loses the first fight don’t have buddies. :slight_smile: